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I want this guy to be my music teacher!Is their a reason why your using triangles and not pi r squared?Lol i like how ur trying to teach while playing a blitz game.Haven't played chess competitively in years but this analysis was so cool it prompted me to sign up for another tournament.This is a SPACESHIP that will take you to another GALAXY.I don't recognize the accent :D.What if black's move is king to A7?Umm why is Indian music playing in the magnetic thinking putty introIf its because of the snake charming thing that's racist kind ofIm part IndianDon't underestimate me.

These videos on trading

These videos on trading

It's been many decades since I last had a peek into an 8-track player but that's the way I remember the way the playback head is configured.The Ending scene when he walks through the Elysian fields and invisions seeing his family in the distance, with this song in the background.I listen fast so I can understand the audio.I rally enjoy your videos!MY LIFE IN THE PAST 7 MONTHS: I am happy at my school but all the sudden we move and I am diagnosed with asthma.Gonna burn through belts.Back then, it would have hurt more than today.It was easy to predictthat Karpov would beat Fischer that's why Fischer ran away and insisted to playagainstthe idiot Spassky once again in 1992 without any good reason.

If I were

If I were

Banyak bacottttt.Who is Wizard98, guys?Chess originated in India.1:45 can you see the chemistry in them?12:45 rook takes rook isn't good ?So when u back the bow do you still need to sand the backing edge?You might have found it easier to fit if you'd left the far end 6" over the existing worktop, slid it back, and then moved it 6" nearer the camera to be off the existing worktop.

Lmao yes the tampon is a marker.What kind of finish do you put on?You should add a function on the piano roll that changes the hihat from quads to triplets etc.I guess it was because most pictures were taken from a distance and you didn’t see them.Haas are a good machine if you can’t afford a proper one.This is supposed to be footofaferret's job.Hey, really nice idea, liked your video a lot.You also spelled Ryu's name RyuKHar.And in this scenario anything but a normal road is a bad idea.

Al Shirani

This is a very interesting subject... He talks about the things that we cannot even think about but science has proved them...

Gray Strickland

terrible filming

Party Panda

6:52:08 :)

Glitter Fart


stephen hogg

Blitzking missed a mate in two. Shame.

Josh Christiane

This guy is both brilliant and hilarious. Excellent player, with a wonderful sense of humor.