If Yu Gi Oh was made by EA

I'd like to win a Kwagga please.1) get a table saw (sawstop jobsite saw will be the best safe option)2) get a track saw.People often forget about the second melody in this track and it's sad because it's arguably better than the main Hedwig Theme.Furthermore, we can determine that gamma 90 - (45 30) 90 - 75 15.Very nice gift that you two made.So, white won I suppose?

If I had the money to spare, I would put together a shop like that as well.Yall both do some crazy out of this world stuff.There is pretty good moves.Humans, animals, and ghosts will never get closer if they hear such a shout.Prolly your theme and piece sound has changed.Great work, but have you tried a white wash to bring the color back.Long live the King!

Hey Jerry i love your videos men,they helped me improve my game really fast.Let me know in a comment below before you watch the video :-).White's second move, Bc5 is a mistake.Loved the use of stacking scrap 2x4s to raise the top piece high enough to slide on top of the legs.I have used dowels to join boards and it was one of the most painful and frustrating things I’ve done as a hobbyist woodworker.I predicted anands 4 movesTruly appreciate his mindBut opponent was good too.You’re good and educating!Come back Denise.

A milestone video

A milestone video

11:42 LINCOLN'S ROASTING!Ayusin kasi ang pagtatanung dahil bata yan,kahit yung matanda na at ganyan asta ng pananalita mu eh maiinis din sayu."ARE YOU KIDDING ME?Right at the beginning you said that pawn to d6 and h6 are pretty rare.Electromagnetic force or mechanical?This is how one starts to appreciate the value of each piece of workmanship.So you made the butt of a 2 piece que.Qu tic vn th hai :))).I found this video to be superior because (1)it gave me the big picture of the SD, (2)it explained why certain moves were made, and (3)it spoke to my current level which is a novice.Why did he start off at 4:06 by saying "two billion".

I was screaming for them not to cut live moves just to show us they understand chess.He even looks like Kramnik!Amazing work on this board and thank you for your time.They don’t even try when they’re corrected.Wow after that three loss in a row, Magnus turns his invincible mode on!I like you wood working with a Rolex :).Meaning its blacks turn to move but the king cant since hes blocked off, but its not check.Hikaru "This guy's 2600?That shade on benchies.We are waiting for you.

I'm never flying again!Very pretty bummer tho.Thanks for comments.She could sing and act mas magaling pa sa mga sikat ngayon.Where were going we wont need roads.And the average number of infinity is infinity or not?Never seen a brass utility knife before.That was awesome!How long does this retain the sharp edge?


Hi friend, how are you?The table is beautiful as to how much it is and the little wooden pieces could give me the measurements and how many millimeters tall it could give me the measurements is very nice thanks

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Mark.You inspire me to build one for my son. Mostly for my self...

Thurmond Moore

Thanks for this video This Old Tony. Due to this video and the Titanium video I jumped in with my mini lathe and learned to single point thread. My first piece was aluminum and it went badly. Second piece was Ti-6AL-4V (the only 1/2" stock I had on hand)... yep I jumped off in the deep end and did very well with my first Titanium threading. Thanks again TOT from This Old Thurmond III (TOTIII). Now to get the time circuits working on the lathe. Got any Zotl root laying around? It really helps with time jumps. )

James Bicknell

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Especially the initial proof utilizing the geometric series and the invariant. Many people do believe that clowns should be imprisoned.ahem No, I really enjoyed the accent. It helps keep my interest.

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5:19 what if black plays nd4

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What about 5 countries exactly connected to one point so each country will be a neighbour to the other 4, think of this like a pentagon and a point in the middleit will need 5 colours then!!

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same as lolo262626 , i countered Kf1, instead of taking the bishop. you commented that you put the solution in video description, but i cant find it. can someone put it as a comment on my comment. thanks.mato , zanima me odakle si . gdje si roden? vjerojatno si primjetio da dijelimo prezime :)inace, videi su najbolji od svih o sahu na youtubeu

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,,lack of cochones haha

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Sobrang nakakainspired


why did i subscribe to this channel


Did your central heating failed agad?

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3:57 your dog Medo is hyperactive. By the way keep up your excellent work. Your videos are the best

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make it round then we talk


15:39 why doesn't Nxf7 work?

sean waller

what's with the Tassie tiger .uk aprin?

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0.01 what are you douglas

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Change this board somehow

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Where did you get the rack?!

Cyborg gaming

Harith maniac

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i want game to make friends cause i dont have them


You need to watch a video from, "Tips From a Shipwright" entitled, "How to steam bend wooden boat frames in plastic bags instead of a traditional steam box."

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This router bits are kind of strange... What is the point of the bearings on them, when the bearings is not hitting the materials you are cutting?Other router bits like this has the bearing inside between the cotting edges, so it actuallu hit the material you are cutting.