I'm Breaking Down — Falsettos (Lyric Video) [2016BC]

It'd be sad to leave all those stickers behind when you do eventually move.Any other time im trying to calculate a ton of other variations that require a few move set ups.Jarvis: "My friend says Facebook uses php so can I learn php so I can make the next Facebook?I see that Canelo Alvarez is also a chess genius.A lot of work but nice results.I love his conversations.Why is this video 50 minutes long.It appears that you can minimize it, but never can completely eliminate some kind of wobbles.

They’re cheap enough to buy, but seem like they would make a fun project.A beautiful tribute, thank you for finishing his project.Ladies, and guys out there.Jerry documents his online chess for us.I wish i would've stayed in that course for sure now.Brilliant thank you!Mamcurdki jagah2eggDaleaurbaki ingredientssamemaida oilBPbs allreply karemuthebanana hai.Very informative.

More Ben lecture content, yay!

More Ben lecture content, yay!

They scoffed at Hitler for attempting to conquer all of the USSR, but Alexander's ambition to conquer all of the Persian Empire was no less unrealistic, nor audacious!Especially in 5 minutes and greater games.Not as good as lamb brains but still.This interview kinda wack tho.Wonderful lecture sir.

Excuse me while I twist my head back into position.So, the shape doesn't really change.Maybe I missed this info, but what gauge nails are you using to hold the glued lumber together during drying?With no book or engine or online game he played like this.Cuz the Queen is a witch.

Imagine this guy was lying

Imagine this guy was lying

"I'm a pathological liar.The music needs to be softer in future videos as it's hard to hear your words if you are sound sensitive but yeah great otherwise.When believing, you are weak,when you know yourself, you are connected with your own source.WAW WHAT A RUSH.Spending hours just for this video.Absolutely goals I love it.

Shan Nonymous

is it just me, or does marybeth tinning look like Jason's mom from Friday the 13th...


What's that track 31:20?


This was awesome, thanks Simon.


how to make much more landscape frame and combine it in game?

Dimpal Chhablani

Yummy Swiss roll

Nicole M

Why make rings that noone in their right mind would wear? I can only picture fat chicks who love gaudy, tacky and tasteless jewelry wearinga ring made out of natural foam and lowly copper.


I’m actually making a metroidvania and I just wanted to know the basics of what to put in the game and this helped a lot

Alex Slater

"A fork is the term used to describe a double attack by either the knight or the pawn". Or the queen, king, rook or bishop.

End Game

Your equation does not have any real solution since is negative


What about hyperbolic grid sandpiles? Spherical grid sandpiles?And Penrose tiling sandpiles?Or higher dimensional sandpiles?How about higher-dimensional, hyperbolic-space, fractal-tiling sanpiles?!I need to know! I demand answers!

Deepti Joshi

Preheatlowgas Pr karebatay jaroor

Broken Matt Hardy

Still astounded by the quality of this hack (For a kaizo hack that is) absolutely amazing

Adam Halikos

Wow superb job

James Segers

Mag Safe was like the best thing ever for a charging port. It should have been a standard imo. And now it's gone. Feelsbadman

Karin Godfrey

i wonder what type of paint he or she uses that doesn't dissolve in the resin

Todd Morehouse

I really like your idea of punching holes into the contacts on the LED strip.

Anuel Gomez Cabo

El video empieza to mal, por lo q dice.. Hasta me dio mareo..

Joshua Ashmore

d5 cant be played because Bxd5 and it is protected by the pawn on e4

Esther Winkler

6:04 rook d8 is winning this game



Grym Reiper

This must be the better late than never video.This boat sailed over two months ago.

Pedal Man

Incredible work, Great Idea!!!!!!!!!!!