I'm Breaking Down

Bro I need door steps. i imagine i have stumbled onto it from time to time but now it will become a larger consideration.Very enjoyable and entertaining with the knowledge behind it.Absolutely brilliant!Ramanuja Academy.

Kudos to the effort in cutting the plywood.Man love your videos.If you attach a crank handdle to the end of it you can use it to thread on the lathe by hand which is easier for some to get right.

The 9-dots, that gets me

The 9-dots, that gets me

Do you have Blitz Stream ?Type of material.Great video, please do more.It's amazing how handsome he is!Wow it glows in the dark!

At 10:14 if the white plays Q-d5 it's checkmate.John Nunn's stuff.Honour to play you".A few questions - can you give a link to where you got the legs, and the threaded inserts?Good, Good, very Good.

(Continued on the next comment.

(Continued on the next comment.

This cake gonna give me diabetes.This man is legendary.In there, you can use exactly same reasoning to show that you can have at most two clones in the first row and column - thus you can't have the sum of Greenland of 2.Eres un profesional.If you use olive oil its food safe because you put it in your food and it smells really good.Can you apply the network to multiple tracks and reinforce the learning?I've been putting on mineral oil until it doesnt take anymore.


I am not always with Skip on everything he says, but I agree with Skip this time around. Too many players are buddy-buddy with LeBron. Competition needs to be competitive again. Plain and simple.LeBron needs Zion more than Zion needs LeBron. Keep going, Zion. Keep going.

Shakeel Chokkabettu

22..00song awesome

Septiaji Pratama

The best win in Sinquefield cup 2017, so far


Good job, nice to see your daughter helping with the build


u ruined the box dude

fat rat

immediately liked the video as soon as left 4 dead was on the list... it never GETS OLD

kate breheny

excellent job

jorge robie Noche

nicely done...first time to see something like this...id like to see you make chaotic chess pieces too in your next video...

Ian Chase

Really like this guys set up.


Quality work..How much would you charge to make one for me?