Humpy Koneru Played like Mikhail Tal Fide Women Grand Prix 2019

I play the Danish, Scotch, and Goering Gambit regularly against players 1700.Hot feet and toes, this man must be god giving footjobs lol.If you played against morphy as u said if I played against at 25:00 he would execute ur chess in 1800 you are shit because that time there were no lectures like today.Schaut echt edel aus!Rxc1, Nxc1 (only move), Rd1 winning the knight?Agadmator all the way.

I used to record American top 40 to VHS to listen to through the week.We're most likely giving what this little worm of a wannabe human wants, attention.Do you find it safe to attach the bowl with glue clamps to the lathe?Is this for sale somewhere?(Comment coming from someone who has never run a mill but shall own one soon!Idiot talking heads.

It is much easier.

It is much easier.

When they say go was based on chess Aight imma head out.A definitely excellent job in craftsmanship as well as in the creativity of the finished product.2:28 thank god no parker square.After clearing F file with 3 passed pawn, black best resistance is doubled rook on 8th file.I just used the Law of Diminishing Fuckups to calculate the number of days that would pass in which all six seeds either stayed as seeds or died, which was about 8.This Knight should have been moved from the f6 square before.Those scoop things - they're called gouges.

Also shows how easy it is for the media to brainwash kids.Like, I never put my pieces in the same color with my king in the endgame, If you get checked by Knight move to the same color you've been checked then your opponent needs to move their knight twice to check you again, etc.Then, mounted the playing board on top.I guess it helps to have perfect visual memory.Here's an idea - make arkenstone from the Hobbit.Qd5 you'd be toast, you can play this opening only against ppl that are in reality below 1600Elo.I feel hes uncomfortable and intimidated so hes rambling nonsense lol.This is not even about chess it's about memorising.The fact that I don' t play chess, but I still find these videos extremely entertaining to watch is a testament to their qualify!

You can solve this

You can solve this

Perhaps naive, but wasn't Nc6 not worth a try?When was chess mainstream?Co ty kurwa pojebalo cie?Check out Alejandro Ramirez' excellent lecture on Shirov's endgames for enlightenment.Ah, it is SCP-079!It’s been so much time.Will prevent that crooked hinge thing.He should watch Huff.K-g1 then g2-g4 then h3-h4 then Q-f8 then BxBe5.3:36 "it tastes like Pepsi with no flavor"Me: if it has no flavor than how does it taste like Pepsi.

You had my thumbs up at hello!You are awesome dude!Take Me In the Club.Actually in case of8.Rook a5 then rook h5 chek mate.Hope this helps.JUST DON’T HIT THE BATTERY!Great tune up video!

Thanks for the kind words and support as

Thanks for the kind words and support as

I truly appreciate how we can get an education from the likes of Dr.It is hard to see the detail of making it because of the time-lapse, personaly l would like to see tha deatils.I have to wait around like everyone else.Sap ksa Bacanak Seni Yorar o Balta.Most of the time when you see a queen sacrifice, it is based on an impending checkmate.They Tend to give a little therefore taking up the wigglewobbble.Damn you made 2150 look like 300.

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Big boys can cry ..And WHAT?

Thomas Lynch

Really enjoying the horde variant. Thanks for the insight.

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What are the dimensions?

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Where can I study strategies?


Fascinating aging video, eventhough I will probably never make this box.Video is clear and concise. Straight to the point. No "hey guys, wassup' followed by bullshit like in so many YouTube vids.I don't understand the huge amounts of dislikes: it's a beautiful result and if someone e isn't interested in it just move on. But then again....its a free country.Thanks for the vid

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muy buen trabajo seor


I am not being critical like other posters on here.Why did you cut the groove through the entire door instead of hiding the tongue and groove?I would really like a honest answer for my own education! I do think you did a great job for a repair.

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I have waited for this game from the day you announced to. Do this candidate tournament

she could win if she had bring her king to her rooks file and colud be exchange rook and then make her pawn as queen and so onward

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Wtf is formed a wedge mean ?


I got it! I threw my arm in the air like I just scored a goal in the world cup! That was great.

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Does anyone know who is the girl ..??? apologize for my ignrance..

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That is cool as can be. I build Cigar Box Guitars and now I want to make rings also. Thanks a lot for another hobby to keep me busy.


My triceps hurt