Huge Rubber Duck River Race!! WE WON!!

Therapist: Oversimplified character with fingers isn't real, it can't hurt youOversimplified character with fingers: 5:46.  I devised a strategy that if you always went in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, staying closest to you edge of the board, you'd solve it.But a two time world champion by forfeiture.Scrahp woord chollenge.Having made a bunch of covers, shrouds and cabinets for radiators, one thing you might consider is grabbing some thin aluminum sheet and screwing it to any face that faces a heat source.U did this so much faster then Cris Ramsey.

I like it, works very well for the things I usually make, smells good.What is the song at 15:02.Win by cheating.Liked it very much.You're one of the great wood artist.You have an exceptional teaching skills.Magnus is Cool!I don't see you checking the dividers for square and yet you don't seem to have any issues.

Plus, I'm the one who was good at languages since school and talented blah-blah, but I struggle and learn them for years, even living in a foreign country.Why are you worried about artist attribution when you’re stealing a game?That's a mighty pretty piece.They should accept checkmate.If you haven't already can you talk about Ed Gein please.Does this trap black's Queen?His name is Ankit Bhattarai.

As someone who owns a set

As someone who owns a set

If I discovered new 4D shapes who do I go to lol.That so cool I'm left handed too.The same way he plays bullet chess on LiChess!The whole universedance with you.Or what about if there is pieces on one side all the way to the rook but none on the other side towards the other rook.When x mod 4 1, that number will always end in a 1.White cornering black cough typical.Keep it up, brother!Now we cant get the channel anymore.Press Enter")Console.

He has proven to be the best

He has proven to be the best

I made an "eek" sort of face when you put it on the lathe.But, all democratic billionaires and top of the democrats prefer Trump above Bernie Sanders.That is one of the coolest things ive seen on youtube woodworking channels.SirGJchess : what is ur username in chess.I use an OB as well!Why would white move his king?

Ashish Agrawal

I think ..this video is quite complicated

Rodolfo Olivares

Hi, I want to buy an equal one for Ecuador, how much does it cost me?

Adithya Sundar

Nykter means sober in Norwegian but I find it hard to believe he was actually sober during this


Wait how did the horse jumped instantly to the middle??

Food is Life

That is absolutely Gorgeous! What patience you had to work you way through all that measuring,cutting, gluing and stapling. Beautiful Table! I’m inspired to try something like that too.

Martin S. Brown

I tough electronics for 20 years at Harper College . If I made mylectures as complicated as you do, my class would fall asleep. If I could make a suggestion, Don't pontificate so much and stay on the subject.Other wise you have a great video presentation.

Alma L.V.

like those chords i am transformed from just wanting to learn to turned on.)

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Look out! Here come the flat earthers!


This was and still is and forever will be beautiful. New subbie here.

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Nuub gusion

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Really awesome...thank u so much ..i have subscribed and also registered in your website


It's interesting that you recommend BxN so strongly.  I learned about the Rossolimo from someone who was equally vehement about not doing that playing c3 early and, if Black attacks the B, retreating it to c2 which is a pretty good diagonal for it.

Bob C.

They use square head screws in the United States.


I once designed log homes professionally for a living. Tell us all why it's not setting on a proper foundation?

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Anyone know where you can find world rankings?

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Hello there. Nice video - thanks for posting it. We also posted a video featuring the bow lathe - but I didn't know it was called that, just took a guess. Take a look on our channel. The video is called 'Amazing Woodworking Skills'


Fischer just really believes bishops are that much better than knights, despite the stronger activity / placement of his knight.But Petrosian's horrible blunder was allowing 31. Re7.

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absolutely awesome

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Best thing I've seen made on YouTube


Feel like awesome

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Thanks for this, although I did miss Medo.


Too Many Pawns. 

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U r amazingbakery chef..........


jarane dobar si!!!