What up Shaun it’s Matt morgantini, just came across your videos from my moms suggestion.The line I always say to everyone is "Computers are stupid, think stupidly, in small chunks, just some data shifts, and maths, and conditions".Really helpful.I mean, half of the reason to make a plane should be that you need a plane, right?She is so cute while she have Queen and boy got red face.Then a chess player's dream could become reality: Playing as white and having a white pawn on line number 1.Just listened to the podcast It was very nice of you to share the spotlight with Medo.COVID19new modern age black plauge?

I love it so much bro keep it up bro.Bxd4 by Stockfish?Bata palang ako puro hirap na ang dinanas ko, bakit d matapos tapos ang poblima ko.Great video finally got a good understanding of it now!I can't seem t find anything using search.I know it doesn’t take much, but with the younger children you’d think it would be harder.

Here’s how it works, when it cools

Here’s how it works, when it cools

"I think I've just accepted my first challenger, OR DID I?Best comment section on YouTube!It's all relative.Stunning restoration and so inspirational!Where are the tactical moves, this is like a snail race.These are all things that let the spirit come out and haunt or cause harm!I actually figured it out and I did it exactly the way the solution was in the end.These videos are addictive.

The hypertumor solution is plain Xzibit

The hypertumor solution is plain Xzibit

Huh, Fred and Rosemary West as well as Ian Brady and Myra Hindly were two killer couples that came to my mind on this topic.I don't know why, but I think there is something very noble about this.The BEST investment i've made in my chess equipment for studypractice, and play.Why I'm watching this?If the body is more alkaline can this virus be prevented ?

When you get a pawn to rank 8 and the opponent's king is also on rank 8 are you not allowed to take a piece that would put them in check?20 Si Poin ngancem Kuda gimana?Great table Steve,keep up the good work.(18:26) "this is outrageous!Your work is outstanding!I ve put the positin on my engine (stockfish 11 ) and he can stop digging for black advantage.PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!If someone could tell me it’d be nice.

Laurent Pierard

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Tq bro e janmaki naku rubix cube solve cheyadam rademo ani anukunna but because of i could make it out realy tq bro . Nenu youtube lo chala videos chusanu how to solve a rubix cube ani kanni endhilonu nuvu cheppina antha detail ga cheppaledhu tq bro tq soo much

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This is excellent work.Perfect material to study to.


Dan, even my CHILDREN wouldn't know that!

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raven molina is that you?

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What if the white queen moves at H4 to it's queen

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Subbed! Really happy to have found your channel :) useful tips for beginner like me (almost no coding and game making experience). Going to learn Unity and C and follow ur tuts, thanks again!!

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You guys must have Xfinity if you need a piece of furniture to store the remotes!

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Great vid. Admire your honesty with the errors. Thks

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why you happy to see him grow? His chinese, not good, they are going to take over the world

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Wow, just wow.Where do you ever get the inspiration to build something so cool?

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quotes"But in chess, just as in life, there were moves that you made for the sake of winning and there were moves youmade because they were the right thing to do." -Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules of Love"In chess, as in life, a man is his own most dangerous opponent." Vasily Smyslov"In life, as in chess, One’s own pawns block one’s way." - Charles Buxton.

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Thanks for this Video! I Learned ALOT! :)