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U HAVE TO BE DA ASIAAN.So happy youve started doing tactics!Man, I can't wait.This Magnus guy, I don't understand his moves!This is MOST important once the opponent's king is on the side of the board.Always have an analysis board.He should do stand up.It would be better, if you do a 3-5min game for education.

It is shortwave, go outside in the early evening for more stations.It is just so creative and funny.An easier way of saying it is: nefatafle.Jajaja, vowww, greatmatchs, you are a top 20))).

Magnus should quit chess and figure out cold fusion or cure cancer or something.That edge just FEELS HARD and is so damned sharp!So YES, after the first person sits, there are only 5x4x3x2x1 combination left, BUT, had someone put name place tags out after everyone is seated, they could still all shift from 1 to 5 places.I'd prefer the calculator and keyboard layout.1:46:53 actually the Knight on c3 is hanging, the other one is pinned.Thru coolant drill are freaking awesomeover 8200 holes3.Magnus playing mind games.What program are you using on the computer.Maybe you could have cut through mortises, do they even sell dominos that size that would be long enough?Ur hectic that holiday montagewas mad.

Q2KV anna space lo watch work avuthadha?Use 15 to 30 drops of Boric Acid liquid eyewash, orally, once a day to cure Coronavirus.Bro please improve your mic it is so weak.The thumbnail is gold.Marius Hornberger.You are the best channel by far Iain from Glencoe Scotland.Thank you for this vidio.

If you are reading this you have to sub to my channel, sub to my channel doggo says so.From just like anything?Shame it was cracked.I just watched Andrew Martin's Anti-dutch video, and was feeling a little despondent about the solidity of the dutch.I'd be willing to mail you mine, if needed :).Nice video, thanks.Loki: G O T E M 1:07Gods:.

Others are just rude cOugh lOgAn pAuL cOuGH and I’m very happy for you.Vd5cQVqW3Og and the extended version of the song, watch?He talks to much I can’t even enjoy the game.Thanks for the vids, keep them up!As for the "cutting board", issue, why not market them as a bedside table or end table top?

Singer Bull Moose Jackson had a nice song

Singer Bull Moose Jackson had a nice song

Now that I understood how alcohol was invented and distilled.I love my Ryobi 18 V drill ( with light!He writes about the preparation during his generation and you can add a few nice moments in your videos for those who can't really afford to spend time reading books.I think you would be better off auctioning the dragon carving alone instead of a chair.What a noob, wasted 1 min for easy move.You: playing the marble sphere thing normallyme: SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE.42:20, black should have played e3(pawn push).I used a stud out of my 1876 rowhouse to make a segmented bowl.I can't afford a new build.Top performance!

Why do the judicial systems put in place such short sentences for assault, rape, attempted-murder and flat out murder?I ain’t gonna reply to any comments so flame me if you want but that dude has got a lil something against whites.Outstanding work and video gentlemen.Wow naprawde pikne.Very suspicious.And I thought my X-Carve was cool.3:54 looks like his finger is in his nose.Nimzo actually won with his Nh1 plan?So according to my math, and I could be wrong about this, but if the fatality rate is in reality 2%, and there's 6 people dead in washington because of COV-19, then that means that there's probably 300 infected people in washington state, witch means that its spreading very quickly without people knowing it, which is good news in the sense that it's not as terrible as people might think it is, because we're just noticing 6 cases outta of 300.

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Hindi manalo sakin yan..... Isang tira lng tapos na


I started with this stuff from taytools, they are a pretty good source for psa film. Be aware that you will go through 40 micron (300) grit quickly, as you use it the most for prep. I ended up switching to a diamond stone for 300/1200 and use the others to polish. The higher grits last 15-20 sessions which is good but they stop cutting fast, quickly. I'm moving to a water stone for polishing but only because I know what I want need now. This kit is a great start for $50 but get a few more sheets of 300 (40 micron) and 1200 or 1800 (9 or 12 micron) for a buffer.

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How much temperature and minutes are required to make this in oven


minecraft raytracing in a nutshell

Corey Cross

Your videos are terrific! And I love how you say de-ve-LOP-ment. :)


People try to make a big deal that he's "only" 14, but you have to realize a young person actually has an advantage over an older person. Your brain is more plastic at a younger age. So if you do nothing but play chess all the time, you will adapt much quicker than an older person. It's one reason Mozart did most of his brilliant work at a young age. I'm trying to re-learn chess and advance the best I can. And my stubborn old brain refuses to work!!


Queen before minor pieces. Every beginner knows this rule of thumb.


1:05 what the hell is ESP


black plays Qb6 then white responds Qxe8 check. only move for black is Qd8 then white takes Qxd8 checkmate for white..

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I been a carpenter for almost 20 years and this guy does very nice, clean work. Great vid.

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I really hate this trend where videos have exactly what somebody is saying in super large text one word at a time while he's saying. I have a feeling the people who like these videos are the same kind of people that like "inspirational quotes" that are usually taken out of context and/or misattributed.

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Nice animation and good work, but there are many problems within the game itself:1. White's move 3 looks more like b4 than c4.2. IMHO, Qxe5 might have been better as Black's move 13 but I may be wrong.3. White's castling on move 14 is all wrong: the king moves 3 squares towards the rook instead of 2. Also, queenside castling should be impossible here because Black's queen is threatening c1.4. Black's moves 17, 20, 26 and 29 are not even shown.(Continued on the next comment...)


I thought a clear 3-0 was a body



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after queen to c4 (8:40) by AA, how do you think about knight to c3 as a response?

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Is LeBron being too friendly with his opponents?