Enjoyed this a lot.Bro you do restore in a forest?Spassky is in my opinion the best positional player of all time.

Do you still use Haas machines?

Do you still use Haas machines?

That was pretty much total domination.It might be more complicated than that, but that would mean you can click a button on your bookmarks and get the random challenge.I smile as soon as they take the bate as from there I feel in control and unnerve them a bit.Chris is the Bob Ross of woodwork.Mi khonh khc khi chi getting over it b ri t trn cao xung.Maximus Decimus Meridius!Very cute and intelligent!White fucking sucks.The New World Order is made up of various controlling components, Political, Military, Economic, Scientific, Cultural and Religious.Why can't you just be legit?

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What is the maximum amount of queens you can place without them being able to fight?This channel will make me win the competition in chess.That engine move would be hard to find.24:12 best, new t-shirt pattern?This is so cool.A good example would be the game "Angry Birds".Very cool factory.Me: looks at tittleMe: RIP STOCKFISH.

It's easy to understand,

It's easy to understand,

N everytime it comes out super delicious.This movie is ever ever evergreen.Sana ganyan si papa ka proud sa, pero hindi e, naka tapus man ako sa college.The dolls adorables.Great video, I’m a total beginner and that would be a great project.Turned out looking so nice.Carlsen is better - because its not a bunch of smokers that likes chess as a hobby in the world.Vishy Anand wins.Black's can only block the check with his Rook to f8, then White can capture the Rook with RxR on f8 again giving Check and hehe, Black cannot capture the this Rook because the Black Bishop is pinned down by the White Bishop on c3 and so Black's King has been effectively check mated.

A hamster shelf!

A hamster shelf!

I have a calculator.Having trouble in Parallax script.ELEGANT WORK AND FULL OF PASSION.Titan - master of machiningSimple and easy way how to ramp 45 degreeslike it!Bahalap tutu hasil ah.Happy late birthday Brett.16:49 You should make them clickable.

Peter Georgeopolus

Could you use a 7" skill saw blade

Simplytodd :

Question Picasso. How did you load that stunning art work into the x-carve?


great vid

Bobby Morane

Zugzwang ??

Left Past Saturn

Thanks for the random router noise... thanks a lot.

sergio bravo

how como they dont get tired using heavy racquets?

Doc Moore

What an amazing effort. I wonder how many hours that took. Beautiful work.

Hydroxsis Jubatus

OMGoodness!!!I literally just hit my head the exact same way on my way to take a nap today. What does this mean?(Perhaps it means that I'll end up being an awesome violinist )

Path in AZ

Came out really nice. I put a link to a device that makes dividing lengths equally a breeze..

Lee Palmer

Great project , came out really well. Not sure if you've said before but do you have any experience in woodworking or are you all self taught ?..

john vonburg

what music is this? Band, Song?

tinypuppies rule

Everyone who stayed home cause of shillery last time will stay home this time, including me


Man, this audience is sure generous with their virus.

Makarov Fox

Marie Antoinette approves this

luiz vitor

Living I'm Brazil. For me is much easier to find ipe and bamboo than other woods like Osage or hickory. I can't wait to make my first bow

Panzer Blitz

DANG, How many hours do you have in this project???


he can be a good tank in turtle or lord because he has a good lifesteal for creeps and the best is he can kill lord or turtle without any help