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Webcam-3, Carlsen-0.In this age I am playing chess because I am a child only.It's passive, but that's sort of the point.Im here to just to counter poison pawn.When you're curious about two things.They are obviously not similar since one has all acute angles and one has an obtuse angle.I don't buy that at all.

Nerd realised he'd never make it as a movie producer, so thought serial killer was his best hope of fame.Impact, circular saw, sawz all, etc.Lovely informative video.Wait till u get emphysema from all the Lithium fumes.

Why on earth does anyone want to record chess notations?My god that American accent drives me mad!27:45 wouldn't Bh6 have been good?I’m skinny I can’t eat these things.How cn I buy ur models of roller.Hey, so is the server online or is it offline for good?Youtube should ban videos like these.

You explain your deep thoughts in detail and make me to play chess again.I ended up thinking of this as a series of two-sided dice, and used the summed results from 6d2 to give the spread of outcomes :) Then it's basically just counting up!I love your videos!Must be a muggle !Can I have a Apple Pencil pls I never had onepls.

And I really enjoyed how you showed Naka's POV as to not reveal that Magnus actually won.I have one of those plains and in always having to fiddle with the adjustment.The queen is the king's chief of staff.Hoping to get to where I can build some distressed rustic furniture for my new home :).Surprised Dlugy didn't know it.How did he not see the creeper when the second coming green and blue where shooting arrows?How many variation.That swiss roll just looks light lovelyI wouldn't want to eat it but would eat it allwith a load of icecream ones we have have that inside xx.

What about the fighting drones there?Not fair - there were two of them.Porque son tan bombones.Tal and Fischer would be rolling over in their graves with his passiveness.Can someone explain to me how why Magnus lost?I rarely write on Youtube.Triangles, squares, and hexagons, what a beautiful pattern.I had one of these and IIt was trippy to look at.Look at you dropping a tres!  Stepping up to the plate and being a positive influence in this world.

Nelson Thimothiyose

She must have felt that night how hard was the game !!!


Hi Mato, and where is China? -)


lol I laughed so hard at the first 5 seconds

Joseph Moss

WTF.....what's with the asshole on the side calling moves?This is bullshit.


Real shitty caulk and paint job, nice wood work though.

Ian Barrett

Just watching this is mentally taxing... Nevermind trying to give live analysis. Good stuff, Jerry!

Troll Films

Why does he pronounceit vaas? Not vase?


She's very hot

Dan winters

Did he have a stroke??

Artem Lebedev

I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

Texas Jack





3:36 Tempting goblet

knp lop

Kalau musuh gak ke A5 GIMANA?

Rene Alvarado

Always be thankful for all the little things that life gives you.

Leonardo Artist

Nice job.IS that a USB powering the LED strip?

Jack Bos

Wauw dank je voor deze tips , zout? geweldig gevonden.

Stiofn Davies

Browsers now n 2019 >keyCode is obsolete, there is far clearer code, which has strings with the keys pressed, like "ArrowUp,' "ArrowDown" etc

Sinan Jaiya

That one was hard to watch. Even though my head said yes, it's centered, my eyes said no it'snot, fix it!