Who is Zlatan56?I'm so sick of hearing "life in prison" for murderers.Y u not mix together egg white andthat yellow colour.There is a channel stealing your videos and unfairly making benefits.

(My best is 2408!"Little Plotkin is berserking the salty one.I am from india n m too addictive to playin chess n i am wondering what would be the cost of this board, could you tell me please ?(Probably a conspiracy).01:59 Me di pena :c.I have learned 2 things 1.I miss videos with James Grime.Yoh main catur Sama Saya?Greetings from Trondheim :D stay safe.My god, the white balance.

I know a lot's changed

I know a lot's changed

And why part of what makes people bored in writing is that a lot of peopl repeat the same ideas in different words or mention inessential parts, rather than editing them out.Well, you just earned one more subscriber.If you dont watch where your hands are at all times around a saw you shouldn't be near one!You say it like Vaz, it’s Vayse.Very suspicious.

Imagine trying to draw then

Imagine trying to draw then

Any suggestion to improve or just playing puzzles on Lichess will do the trick?Chess engine video.Your ability to "ad lib" by inventing devices to do your work that you could Patent and sell to others doing jobs with similar materials is mind-boggling.Lovley end result.The very obvious solution for people who dont want to watch the whole video: if you take each line and the squares it crosses individually, you realize the angle it makes at the bottom is the same as the angle it makes with where it comes from.Titanic by Trumpeter,and buid it as a diorama lamplike the 11200 scale diorama lamp you have completed.Love your videos.That intro was pretty funny!Does all car engines are machined like this.

There are real instances a country

There are real instances a country

AI BIT CHO E CU TR LI VI.In my point of view Russia come from the nations of Moscow and near of it (the 14-th century).Love it, you and Ramsay doing the same puzzles on the same days video.Are you a Halo fan by any chance?Yeah wish that you would bring her Spirit box with you is it 3 a.Anyone who does not mortice and tenon their frames is a hack.Cause they feel sorry for destroying workers.And suddenly, it turns out it's all over for one of the players the beauty is overwhelming.This is a perfect lesson!

EDIT: darn it was bishop to c6 :(.

EDIT: darn it was bishop to c6 :(.

Wow a little bit of magic going on here !Haha a bit awkard seeing Hikaru basically cyberbulling a child that could destroy me easily.Anh i lam video v by.Well, despite your initial plans to make the rooks like sturdy rather than "courtly", they still ended up looking rather courtly.(When will chess960 become more popular?Can you make a tutorial for a first person dash attack.Moenie op fok ni Boetie.Inspired-do you have plans available.


if you play 1 marble, it'll go 3. if u go 2, it'll go 2. if u go 3, it'll go 3, it'll play 1.

David Heigl

I don't think he has a great sense of humor, but he is not crazy. Bobby Fisher actually had a great sense of humor until he went crazy, but Chess today is totally different.


When your Minecraft account gets banned:

Kevin HeyMan

You forgot THE MOST important thing!I'm ALWAYS running low on, and never seem to have enough of, on every single project...PATIENCE


1:15 problem with that logic is that for every old GM that dies two young ones emerge. They don't make you champion based on seniority.


Maybe i'm wrong (or i missed something) but you left out some info, that the original square the knight starts on can be visited again as you do that in the example.For me "you can't visite a square again" implies the first position before people do a move is also one (which would implie the oposite result)

robert anika

Please show wesley so vs firouzja

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Who won ?

Dimitry Raskolnikov

Should Black always take King's Gambit?

Seriously Slinky

Proof that the earth isn’t flat

Jaaa Hah

Trng. T d4 ( nc i )en:Th1: M f8 hoc f6 -Th lc tt s phong hu Th2: vua d6 - trng T e5 chiu - vua hoc m n e5Nu vua n e5th vua trng s n mNu m n e5 th tt s phong hu


Is one of your criteria for picking games to show early moves that aren't in the database?