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Okay where do people keep get that music for the porno part of the video?Suddenly the attacking bishop retreats and says "ok i'm not interested in your knight or the pin anymore, now i'm just going back to my safe square in the center from where i can watch your king either side.I wasn't sure about Eboni when she first got case she seemed uppity but shes great, shes perfect this whole crew gels really well 2g.:) (1 square from queen ofc) The exception though is at 26:02 where ya must play Qd6 2 make progress.

This Morty guy is pretty good.Jerry, excellent video as always.Because all Grand Masters die when they are 64.I just really have to applaud on how great the commentary is.Honestly Chess was best like 30 years back with Fischer and Morphy And Alekhine with so many openings not discovered or invented’ now it’s more like Rehash Chess we are seeing."I checkmated my opponent, and he checkmated me?I understand it's likely easier to whirl through these easily online however I appreciate the use and effort of using a real board.Anyone watching in 2019 after he died.

It can be done

It can be done

It was a move that one could find if one understood endgames and took the time to calculate that the Black king is able to support the 2 pawns in order to promote one.Love his sense of humor.Very nice video,saved it for future reference.So we will check only first to third Second to fourth combination that is 2 attempts.Ive forgotten what it was: D.At move 12) black could have swopped of pieces and a central pawn for his h pawn and been fine.Amazing DIY video, building one now!Suggestion Bartel - Abasov (Prague Chess Festival Challengers 2020 round 05).When I first started playing acoustic guitar in the late 80's I'd go to McCabe's in Santa Monica and play all the fine guitars.

That would b helpful.Would love to get into working with wood.This game highlights the beauty of this game.Impressive game.I see Simon read Ben's book, Tilt Like a Grandmaster.I know you’re probably sick of me commenting about this but this is the event I was talking about in a previous comment where a YouTuber and son by the name of hard collector when in two hours before the event in a big city they were definitely expecting kids to show up and they took the rainbow air Charizard and the rainbow Blastoise and replaced them with common cards.D Rensch is annoying af lol.

"I'll be back

"I'll be back

Unless the boat were in dry dock, I’d think the streaks would make it to the waterline then effectively washed off, with other things from the waterline down (underwater).I don't, know who was won.Bg5 then Qg6 was good am I right sir?33:32 me when I see a hot girl.Your heart rate would change even while holding your breath simply by sipping a soda or taking a bite of pizza.1339 I seen the shadow Moe seen.How many cutting boards do you get out of that much wood?8:47 queen at g4 is a better move.He said in an interview that he does not take two of the games into account because he was playing for his local club against low-ranked players.

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He knows what he wants. Women in prison find that attractive

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Why did u choose the corners as the highest point? It looked like the rooks are the most important piece. It looks great but if u choose the King's square instead then it would've been glorious

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My new project is my wooden chess board so how can I make a board without those tools