How to Set up a Chess Board with all the Chess Pieces - Step by Step Tutorial

NO one was better than fischer from 1970 on.7825 can be tilted.Hikaru "Take my Queen" Nakamura.Well Magnus is a Savant, it's like playing against a computer.

They let professional poker player deal cards, no wonder she gets better hands and know what everyone has.Thank you for this.XisumavoidName your sword 'Stinger' in reference both to the bee theme and The Hobbit, and name your bow 'Buzzkill'!Very interesting to watch.

Do you need a potion, aspirin, maybe a spell of healing?We are all going to die.Wish I had used wood.Looks like it just came out of hyperdrive.Much better is 3.After he was caught he said you did a good job at catching me since i would never stop, so you saved many lifes.Cap ass 12:12 i heard ya manzs stopp fooling mfks.Once a legend said,Don't try to trade queens dude,what is queen E2.What happened is agadmator opened the door to let his dog go after who ever interrupted him.I'll be using this in my demo later.

RussianSoviet champion endless

RussianSoviet champion endless

How come the clip after you destroyed the battery, the battery was then still on the phone, fully intact?Jarvis: Dab on them also Jarvis: looks down wondering what he has done with his life.When you attached the skirts to the bottom of the table, which size pocket screws did you use?OH, nevermind, it was the introgonna be a great video.Followyou moe man for videothat so cool iiiiii.

I think you should set small goals like "understanding a little bit more a certain opening" or "improving endgame technique", little chunks that you might achieve whenever you find time occasionally.Topalov with a simple finish: white rook d8 black king h7 white queen h8 checkmate.If you are ever stranded make rescue your priority.Zach is my favorite try guy.I live for the way Adagmator pronounces "Shrek".I think of the start of summer, I think of Microjig.At 53 min I see an error.Ben Finegold is the Rick Sanchez of chess.

Co thi dang tiep

Co thi dang tiep

King takes bishop h2 is such a great move.And the Wikipedia is fake.These mother's should be put to death.What is the music you used?" is it best nja who care i wnat the exchange.I don’t understand how over 300 people disliked this video.

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Shouldn't you flatten the face of the board before jointing and then cutting the edges?

rjhay beatingo

How about Lolita's first and third skill?

Jannela Althea Miranda

Where can I buy this stuff????And how much?

Neil Gal

You should attach the different stones on four or three sides of theblock instead of changing them all the time.


Yo i came here to see a green river,where is the green river?!


As usual great selection of instructive games. The games you pick combined with the commentary, is a excellent resource for one to hone their chess skills.

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And the ancient Gods cheated

ludo gi

Wait, at 8:16 could Ben sacrifice in Queen on E4 in order to checkmate ?

Chess Talk

Chess Tactics Timestamps:0:04 Chess Strategy vs Tactics0:32 Fork1:16 Pins 1:39 Absolute pins 1:52 Relative pins2:14 Skewer2:47 Discovered Attack 3:13 Discovered check 3:31 Discovered double check4:00 Windmill4:30 Interference4:58 Overloading5:35 Deflecting6:08 Decoy7:13 X-Ray Attack8:07 Zugzwang8:39 Zwischenzug or Desperado9:13 Undermining9:38 Forcing a Stalemate10:14 Perpetual Checks10:56 Underpromoting11:36 Queen Sacrifice12:04 Exchange Sacrifice12:25 Clearance Sacrifice13:06 Exposing Hanging Pieces13:33 Trapping a Piece14:05 Support Mate14:23 Smothered Mate15:02 Back-rank Mate15:26 Chess PuzzleDon't forget to share the tactics in the puzzle :)


If you need a lesson on transporting wood you probably shouldn't attempt the next step.

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20:30 That's something you can't do with a metal bit!

Naseema Jafar

2020 ? like adi

Ganer Contra J.G Luis

A.I learns to play C.S .16

Jesse Belloir



THE ROYAL FCK, best move ever in dirty chess

Alvin Mejean

I still would like to see the hidden fates pack battle between you and real breaking Nate.

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13:42 True sign of a chess master

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Looks amazing. So how do I buy one


I have that monitor. It’s very inexpensive. And very light.

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Beesuma: I can't believe we have so many people tuning in to me (about 10 to 100 k)Iskall: oh wow we got 5k people on my stream yay

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Coming home to these commentaries makes my week! Thank you for the entertaining and insightful commentary as always Jerry :)


Your job is so pro, so serious! The smiley made his job, he make me smile :)


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very nice editing


yeah i agree a little tinkering on the table so blade rides at a flatter angle will work-also nice of them to let you try the blade- gotta love free tools. Love watchin ya work.


Isn't Rook E7 to E1 a possible solution to continue the game for black at 10:40 ?

JS Mariani

I can predict about half of Magnus middle game moves.It's the other half that blow me away.