How to Roll Out Pie Dough

Agadmator:"Hello everyone".Is this guy late for the opera or something.Do remember that some oils can (and will) self ignite if stored like that.How to play this game.There were a few lifts around some older buildings in Sydney AU that had Nixie tubes for floor indication and they had the soft transition between digits as well.

I really enjoy your videos and with this I really want to help!Damiano vs NN 1512.At 19:04 Instead of Rg8, after f7 Kh7 white has mate in two with Bd3 Kh6 Bg7.He never considered that two pieces adjacent to the king were undefended.However, after watching the full video I became impressed with the piece and would be proud to have that piece of furniture in my home.Sorry for my bad English-I am Bulgarian!:D Yes Finegold!

Wang Hao : in case you should have the arrogance to defeat me, I'll transmit Coronavirus to you.The only thing I miss in this video is where did white go wrong?If he was going to lose anyways I would had played 17.That Knight became a monster.I am just not into the try guys anymore.

It’s not necessarily cheating,

It’s not necessarily cheating,

"I retreat like a Frenchman.Enjoying the Morphy series buddy.And builds confidence when u find out your right.Silver chloride is used for long term preservation of water.Plz let me know.It's got to a stage where I dont respect anwars opinion, when he starts talking I just zone out and dont hear anything.Graphics displays have been emulating reality since.You know what's cool?This video was such a pain to witness.

At like 3:46 looks like he fup.

At like 3:46 looks like he fup.

Wow, I really wish I had watched this video yesterday - before I spent most of the day today wrestling with full 4x8 sheets of 14 inch douglas fir plywood.I've been to Bodiam!We can make 8886 by that way if we take cube root of (8,8,8) and plus them We have 2226.You are an artist my friend.Thanks for the tips." A flathead screw has a conical head that allows the top of the screw to sink into a tapered hole in an object being fastened so that the top of the screw ends up flush with the surrounding surface.Man the best part of the video was when you and your dad mounted the countertop.We need more Benevolevil Carl!Wonderful vedio.

This channel is so under rated.Screaming the loudest.U suck, play with people, not bot, noob.If my opponent will play King's Gambit as shown most probably i'll win soon.You see what happened?Does the c pawn relationship you're talking about most relevant in a d4 opening?Congratulations from Brazil.I used a digital caliper to check my main ruler.Svidler has been the most entertaining thus far.It's almost a waste of time to go on there.

Fortunately, rock died a long time ago.No views and 11 likes!GIVE AWAY AT 10SUBS ALL SUBS ENTERED.Rd8, then the only defence to delay mate starting with 5Qd1 is to start throwing away queen or rook.Thank you for that.Well no, probably not.Ok, I got this one wrong, but still it was kind of interesting to see where it can lead).

I love the explanations too.

I love the explanations too.

Bcoz the opponent didn't know whether the king moves or not.Yo this game is so hard I keep losing to the computer on easy.I had one friend on 3DS who was always playing Cubic Ninja, now I get it.I got to try one once, junk.East SussexSussex is the name of the county.Awesome job man.I'm just glad you finally did a torsion box so I can see the plans on how to do it.Thats the second time today i hear about the fisher prize.I have no cake tinplz give me solution.Satisfaction as fck.

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TALpha zero :v


Bruh your dogs rebuking the devil in the background, give him a treat on us


Sculptor artists are crying

Natrina Lawson

Came back for the puns

Jade Zee

i learned something......YOU dont know how to shut up!

Johannes J Tveitnes

In 8:58 Daniil could play queen to H 8 and check mate

stelios petrakis

Nice, although it costs as much as an oculus rift

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I think she communicate with so it can be easier or she trying to talk to ya'llwhat really happen.

yash bhati

mikhail is tall rest all are short in front of him. he played real chess others are only trying.

Chris the Writer

"If your friends at the opera house ask you about G4 of Morphy versus Thompson."

Olamilekan Ojosipe

Sorry you need to learn how to teach.

Manoj Kashyap Manoj Kashyap

Thanks sir thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks


Infinitesimal is simply the first of the irrational numbers. It has a lower value then any of the rational numbers

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Want to see my funny analog clock?.its lazy to move its hand. So it just point at thecorrect time.

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Save the best 4 last, wait 4 nothing is kraezy

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Funny enough, I'm watching this on my Ubuntu-powered laptop.


The opponent is a CM in Indonesian, i think so


That caulk doesn't last long. I had to redo mine often over the years.