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Nice job Reuben.It still feels strange even playing over the moves.And from another living out in country all my life.So often there is order in what seems completely random and chaotic.3:45 - after a piece sacrifice, Tal usually makes a passive quite move too.This trick is 100 percent failed.Please let me know if I have missed something.

An absolute beginner here.Redshift has left the chat.One bullet gmaster crashes them all the time and wins and still donates the money."You need to learn to fall up"gamemode creativegamemode changed to creativeDoes this count?To be continued Yeeeessssssss!Ee movie 2019il aarankelum kaanunnundoooo.That is perfection.You are so great!

My Big Tack still works and I had a Star Bird from the MB list.I never thought pragananda can beat Nakamura.I am not sure which company made yours but it is a common design made in the late 1800s to early 1900s.Well it's because of my soccer and imagination skills.I just signed up for some of your Earning Income Online, and so far the training is Extensive.It'd require a jig in a table saw, with opening so the blade can reach through."-BriskleyRia was confused, but she just shrugged it off, folded up the note, and put it in her pocket.

Number 1 is an absolute no

Number 1 is an absolute no

Instead I get 1970 Xerox machine effects.No one:Agadmator 16:55: ".What chess client is this?Love the commentary along the way too.Guess White's moves -.This guy is my favorite US player, hands down.

TY, I enjoy your work.

TY, I enjoy your work.

This is on My List of things to Try to Build.We are so lucky to have you in India sir.Omg we had this at our school but it ran out of battery before we (me and a friend) got to it.I just cannot help but wonder why Petrosian didn't try to evolve his game, or at least adapt a better approach in terms of combating Fischer.Can you make kids lunch box recipes please.I am thinking of finishing the new doors with marine varnish, but would still like to know your thoughts on it.Simply the Best.

Anibal Miranda

Maravillosa explicacin, gracias

Jayden Lawson

20:11 Feldman folds, and would have won the hand

Fox On The Run

I never cared about the audience drops his camera, makes audience laugh.

James Armstrong

Laurent Fressinet is the too weak too slow guy, right?


That was cool. If you can't appreciate that, then you're closed minded. Sad

albert cimanes

absoulutly father is a legendary master chees and you are you a master chessbut i ipresed of you father score 19925656743

tin badger

Arch Linux mug?


Haha!! Love the bell mechanism!! Nice dog house!!!


How much cost of these ? Any one reply me plzz

Oliver Allred

Terra looking fine at 1:30

Drake Hopkins

DANG THE TIP AT 5:00!!!!!

Arpan Kumar

Loss=200 for product800 he gave to ladyTotal=Rs1000 he lost for which he didnt get any value in return.

Oscar Chavira

Excelente Kasparov..

Paula Larkin

These are beautiful! Great instructional video. First time I have came across one of your videos, new subscriber for sure.

Tony Briones

Poor grock

Jeppe Morgenthaler

Is there a special brand or type of mineral oil you use? And the 4:1 ratio of mineral oil and beeswax for the buffing, is that 4 parts oil and 1 part wax or vice versa? Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing!

AmyRoseFan 188

His world truly is wonderful

Gianmarco La Marca

32:05 He could play king f5?

Abhishek Tale

Bhai bhai awesome video Really fantastic