How To Play Tri-Dimensional Chess (FULL TUTORIAL with index)

Why didn't king take rook on f8 at the end?3:25 he should have captured on C6 forking the queen and the rook.Better Safe Than Sorry don't you agree."Cut, cut, cut, I mean it, cut, cut, cut, I mean it.That would have been fun.It does not however make for an informative or even enjoyable spectating experience.

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11:19 I can't see how that is check mate or would be.Very cool project.Jayblac NEVER finna give JC his props.Is first step must.After watching this video I needed one help from you if you can.Caruana is strong in classical and rapid, but not so much in blitz.If you want to stop young criminals make them watch this video.Instead of resign.Yasser is probably the greatest chess teacher I have ever heard.Super movie mammookkayude ella moviesum.

Share advice, get project ideas.Sees Lincoln and Dan"Hey.I also messed up my arithmetic in the final step, making my answer slightly off.I love the way Tal's knight and Bishop traded places right in front of black's King lol.Edit: I like this video!Some one else may have already pointed out your liemis-informationerror at (4:00) BUT EE's do in fact take statics and mechanics as well as transport phenomena as part of the engineering core courses.Do you listen to Rag N Bone Man the UK based Blues singer?What am I not seeing?How do you like that Mirka sander by the way?The dropping thing doesn’t happen very much in high school.

Use your rook to make

Use your rook to make

With this,i can finally beat that pesky bot chess player.Newcomers to Mozart, skip ahead to 12:57.2 circles - one inside the other.Nice to meet you.Can you make some games in c visual studio please?Very helpful video with tips I might not have thought of.Each format had it's own niche.7:48 Wait a minute Darth Sidious?The closest representation is the way 2D has microwave background radiation.

Thanks big dog in Chess.

Thanks big dog in Chess.

How much was that set?But Guseinov never reached 2700.Thanks for sharing what you know, you know a ton.You are such a creative "bloke" (is that how they say it down there?You all are about to see all the anti Trump people come out of the woods.Have a great Thanksgiving.Why doesn't this kid know how to play chess at all?They soak up game".

Why didn't you use one that is realy equal to 260 in all of the columns?Check out live chess commentating videos: watch?4:16 I don't understand why rook captures knight from h1 wasn't played.Love this video!Nobody knex this harelson guy.I always know his voice.I've got no title either but am going to do my first class next month.

I was thinking

I was thinking

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Andrei Bacalu

i see 1 1/4 as 11/4...


I didn't understand one thing: did Paulsen win two games against Morphy? Or did Morphy win two games? Because I thought that, as the rumor has it, Morphy never lost a match. Thanks for the video, agad :)

Thiago Nascimento

10:38 Carlsen almost lost the game moving e6 Ke8, but draws like a boss...

John Baker

wow... amazing. I think Aronian and So are my favorite players. Both are very easy going and friendly. kind of like Jerry! :) great analysis!


Why is 10. b4 not an option? Is taking the pawn on a3 and gaining a semi-open A file and doubling white's pawns on the C file enough compensation for black to give up the dark square bishop?


If you set your camera on manual focus, then chose a focal point for each shot, you should be able to get rid of those blurry segments pretty easily.Awesome woodworking, btw, mad skillz!

Nurul Arafah

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Ronny Bichlmeier

I noticed somthing the black queen and king are mixed up so that cant be a checkmate with 2 moves

ahmed taha



this guy with a tie looks like a novice

Selected Free

how do you play the games and can you set it up to open the games when you click the icon to play the game?

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courtney hall

i am always in awe when watching a true master,there is nothing else to say.

Luke Sponheim

Wait are you supposed to solve it by memorizing the position or can you look at the puzzle?

Omna Arora

I ain’t seein no tutorials here


Saw cam FTW!


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Edward Tang

I’m early lol

Tony Feuggelen

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Ernest Lebedev

Came here for Jim Wilder (RIP), stayed for Ben

Paolo Maresi

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Carlito Way

Sub programming is where it’s at great technique

Gerhard Symons

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I’m sure you’ve made money with this channel.


Rather than count neighbors, make every cell around a bee have 1. Then just add up the overlaps.