How to Play 🤔 the French Defense with IM Valeri Lilov (Webinar Replay)

The word you were looking for was "humility".The only reason why it's called a triangle is because people are too lazy to draw it.No way its cheaper to roll your own tho.My BEST DRAWING VIDEO LINk - LIKE, SHARE and Subscribe.

The snake always did the 'Right'.

The snake always did the 'Right'.

Absolute amazing !01:25-01:28 dubious.I got maximum as 5 and minimum as 3.I found a solution when i was ten by just randomly moving the knight in a puzzle game.Giving the knights a serious advantage over a passive bishop pair.Orthographic camera doesn't give the feeling of distance, I prefer perspective camera even though i'm making 2d-platformer game.Ad i, c phi 2 m khng chiu ht c khng?I will love Harry Potter no matter what.Beautiful :-) were can I buy the light fitting please :-).

Awful, repetitive music.

Awful, repetitive music.

I think I'll make me a Les Paul Guitar".Hey bud got to do it with poplar it’s about 10x easier to work.I have lived in the US for about 18 years.Precioso, Enhorabuena, buen trabajo.Who cares if the black king is safer?According to the Lichess Masters database.I love that he takes the time to explain all of the ramifications of each move, even the "minor" moves.

Light stain or color would have been good.Which discipline do I choose?Beautiful table!Who's here from Bestgore?Satran takmn bana ver.Why not instead of moving a3 to a2 you capture the bishop on c6?

I found game i just need now to find some friends and ready to go.If he was alive, I would have kissed him too.To defend against different tactics.Pattern reminds me of QBert :).That is strange.Sevian could have held a draw!And yeh it would be dang cool if you share more nice openings.Give them instruction instead: "I can't hear people who don't have their hands up.

Kristal Brown

Moe I really love all of your video

Good thing he found a magic balloon!

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read the casually racist instruction manual? no thanks, im already an expert on that!


If the first fold is known, all folds can be found without any repetition or recursion.I'll see if I can write and draw something that makes clear how this works, you'll be notified when it's online.

Joe Blow

Man that was a one sided ass kicking.

Divya Mittal

Look at his face!!

Kevin Costelloe

Amazing!!Thanks for the info!!


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Son Phan

Harman is lucky he didn't reraise.

John Torres

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Mambo Rasco

When you jump to a position you should go to the opening fast so we know how they got to it. Especially the 1st time you go to the position.

Joseph Alampi

Thank you that was really informative especially to a person like me that's not tech savvy ..I can see how rewarding it can be when you solve the problem..very cool...!!!!

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Athrv Satardekar

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David Asecas

What kind of dog is that in the background? What breed?

Renjie Jabonete

Ngayon ko lang to napanuod.Ganda nag story at ang galing galing ni yves

Robert Mihalinac

I dont understand why Andrew Feldman has 0% chance and why he quits (min. 10:11) because he could won if the last card would be heart/herc.

Ronny Andresen

Very very very nice :)

i3 13

Palagi ko tong ginagawa ang positional sacrifice. Ngayon ko lang nalaman.