How to Play: River Crossing by ThinkFun

2:05 maybe that rook is there to save a turn?Eu fiquei 35 minutos vendo o cara fazer uma canoa!Thomas, your work belongs inMOMA.What is the oven temperature and time if I do this in oven.Hikaru fuck meeee hahahahahaha.Literally said you were in the bar for hours.Mr diresta ud siempre me sorprende.

It makes me emotional seeing how far they've come.Very entertaining, very enlightning, excellent presentation.There’s just a ton of shadows and black movement in the way back ground behind Moe around like 15 mins.What are they writing?I was there, just didn't get the t-shirt.I really appreciate your style of woodworking and your sense ofwhat makes a good video.

I woke up I met dan

I woke up I met dan

I saw a couple gavagans smushing pussys.It was very Sgt.- Queen really dwarfed against King.And what is the ideal room temperature to make cakes for it not to be melty?Imagine me getting a 100 on a math test when nobody is in the room but when a professor is in the room suddenly i get a 65.I relate to this on a spiritual level.Keep up the awesomeness!Es para jugadores y un pblico con bajo intelecto.It's equal for a long time between you and the bowler with marginal moments of advantage, then bam, blunder, you're out.30"Round "1"White "Golan"Black "Richard"Result "0-1"1.

I want the best ever for them.

I want the best ever for them.

What does he mean 6 granola bars?Dude your woodwork is sooo good!The bots are hard to beat, but it is not impossible.Very disgusting indeed.Huge help, especially for less experienced users like me.Omar and his friends: show yourselfGhost: shows itselfOmar and his friends: screams hard.I enjoyed watching this very much.I know what you mean about choosing the method you think will be best, and by the end of it, you're wondering if you choose poorly.7:23 if black sacs his Queen for that far passed pawn all is lost for whit.

Seeing how many mates he could threaten as once is amazing.But when you pull up the imaginary axis and fill in the rainbow surface.Cant believe I fell for another Evans Gambit bait.Hey I'm from germany.Brazilians tend to have really long names.You say it's $250, but on the website it is $299.Mmm i hope that plate was a tool steel not mild steel.Game of chess was invented by King of Demons RAVANA from RAMAYANA way before than you can even imagine.This commentator really knows chess."Why did I not play Queen g3 immediately?

It might finally be cheaper to print than

It might finally be cheaper to print than

I used to think that glitches in a game is considered cheating because once the glitch is patched the record using the glitch is ruined pretty much.I really liked them on buzzfeed and when they started their channel but now they are targeting the preteen demographic and I am not a preteen.Then this man said he has to rewatch the 3rd?Do you have a dog?So funny to see him almost not spending any attention and still be better than all of us combined.I don’t usually.I missed Hungarian hotwater.Name of intro music ?22:54 "I burn my way through two holes.


Most enjoyable. Btw, a good source of ideas for foot-operated potentiometers are home made wah-wah pedal project articles (or in fact, used wah-wah pedals in which you could probably incorporate the footswitch in your enable function).

Amit Jagwani

I'm sure Ben went for 2 cigarettes after this or went for some strong shots of coffee or hard drinks. If they aren't your kids, you can't say anything. I'm sure Ben understood it.

Thicken ost

8:19 I find this comment quite disturbing....

Sarah Patrick

My favorite is reunion of friends, it’s so nostalgic. What’s yours?


Can anyone give me some advice? I have been learning JavaScript for 3 years now and I still struggle with it. Never finished anything with it. Then I did some frameworks like react and vue and somehow I am finally getting some work done. But once in a while I go back to JavaScript and I still struggle with it. What advice can you give me so I get it. I bought tutorials from brad, Andrew mead, watch and code etc and even if I am understanding it, I am merely copy pasting.


Another beautiful work of art!


Like it's of Chou gameplay

1sty 3rdsty

I was watching this in class and I can’t-


That shorter cut of the bevel is kinda dangerous, kickback is quite the option here, better to use miter fence. I also like at least 1 mineral oil bath before applying was/oil paste.

Ismail Abdelirada

Would this be as distinguished from the most famous chess puzzle in backgammon?

Sasha Stewart

Broooo I live in Chattanooga. I plan on going there sometime


but in the end we all equalwe all have a 6 3foot hole in the ground


We all knew joe from pump it up, got lured into the allure of rocafella royalty mal Rory was the least interesting but man he came a long way. Metallica when Napster came out. He poddin now


18:08Insane work ...Great idea...Unfortunately for me the wood does not harmonize with the plastic.I had an innovative metalwork instead of wood at the sight.Still ... great.Edit ..Take care of your health.Bag on the grinder and dust mask on the face.Greets from germany ...

james keith

I think I made one like this at school

george atlas


Mark Hall

This is not a mere boat. It is an elaborately constructed means of escape from whatever troubles the human heart. I want one.

Andrew Smith

As my google chrome was loading youtube i was so hoping you posted a new video.. And you did!!! made my day.

Josh Luth

The mytoolist site seems to be hijacked. You may want to check on that.

Alpha Snake

Awesome. Here from Peter Caine's channel. Is that Chippy? I miss the little baby man.

Jesus Delgado

I'm mad that you did that to hermoines wand but ok I guess????