How to Play Chess : The Center of the Board in Chess

22:21 can anyone explain how is it quarter and 116 th.To the dear people the match was a draw cos neither white nor black would be able to get a checkmate this is called a stalemate in the dictionary of the game.At 11:05 doesn't black have Qa6 to save his rook?

Loved that starfox music!Very relaxing, informative, and relatable - even the rip out around 23.Using packing tape on your Cauls to prevent them from gluing to your piece works too.I need this, I want this, I must have this!Very nice review Sir!

So I don't know where

So I don't know where

" Its not often WHAT chess books you study but HOW you study the chess books that will aid your chess development".But real infinity means that there are no borders.These people are like Anton Chigurh.Love the colours, looks soo regal!You dont happen to sell these do you?

07:52 why this old man with the red tie looking at the game in disgust?Also, Kevin can I suggest you pick up the pace a bit in your presentations.Is cajon pronounced the same way as Cajun?What was the mistake on 28:45?Sheild throw, that's new.Why was this hospital closed down it don't look like it's even 20 years old.I'll create smoething like this akh.

Can I ask, what hardware software do you use for the sketching?How many time did I overlooked threat because I was too focused on my "perfect attack"?Well, now alpha retreats, well it doesn't retreat, but attacks.Nice future view.I like you ending with did you figure it out?6:08 Why recapture bishop with queen instead of pawn?Shaxmati igra dlia batanov nenaviju takje manapoliu i nardi luchie igri kartochnie shashki toje ne ploxo.Queens are witches I guess that's cool.Love it, but it made a right old clang of noise back then.Splitting hairs here I know, but I just wanted to point out that you arranged the chess pieces slightly incorrect.

Complemented them well.

Complemented them well.

Is this guy missing pieces?This is great to help someone configure it and understand the very basics, but it would be nice to dig in a bit more.Brilliant ending to this video!He’d randomly follow me and once waited for me outside the women’s restroom.Es un imbecil tenia pa comer y la caga.Your story gives people hope, and your life is PROOF that there truly is a "light at the end of the tunnel" after prison!This cake is amazing!Russian's are a Finno Slavic Mix.

At first, wholesalechess board looks nice because of decoration.Either raise your kids or dont have any you stupid reproducing fucks!My daughter was at that mall 1 day before the lady visited it.Is he saying HYDE glue?According to Modern Chess Openings this is The Sokolsky Opening.Also there was lack of calculation from his side and it was easy to recognize that many moves were flawed.Its hans solo Nice try kidHe is looking old now.By looking the comments I understood that I am very nice chess player.I know why it stops at 7825."good enough to be on vimeo" Got a Thumbs Up just from that line!


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Love it, but to good for cutingbord. Looking foward for small project that perfect for present.

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pushrods from a mini or similar overhead valve engine are PERFECT for forging into carvers or mini chisels, they stay sharp for a loooong time


0:53 "Of course this is just my experience, yours may be COMPLETELY different." Yeah...ok man. Whatever you say.


hey! im British and most Brits dont even bother learning another language except when forced upon them at school with French or German.............. Im learning French, Italian, Danish, Vietnamese, Albanian and Polish...... hahaha its too much - have a great day !!! thanks for the video - its realy useful and i hope to get fluent in all these languages in about 3-4 years of exceptional hard work!!!!!!!!!!

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:12 that’s what she said

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once the video finished "i make a new one" =)