no, but it will darn sure make a great hunting bow !Man your talent and ingenuity is superior keep em coming ty.Maybe I need to download some endgame tablebases so that it can solve it?

Very nice explaination.

Very nice explaination.

:)3:50 Received 90 thunder thingnies, very nice!This has caused me to rethink (translation: I'll get a supercomputer to think it for me) whether I want to bother ever watching again.Maybe set up 22 boards at the same time and let him jump back and forth so the other players have time to think but he can try to speed runit?The INTP's primary cognitive functions are:Ti Introverted Thinking Ne Extroverted Intuition.He just makes it look so easy.I don’t know how I came up with the solution."Try DollarBrite.At 5:45 there was a prsen.The Occult figure, Aleister Crowley was also a chess master during this era, and he walked away from it because basically he wasn't going to get any chicks being a chess player.

What a cnt that pizza guy is

What a cnt that pizza guy is

(or maybe a "quick tip followup" video just for that upgrade that you could link to).I would have thought this one may be too far gone to save!Java oracle and microsoft ruby python scrum cicd and agile and devops are BAD TASTE.If so, will that matter much?As opposed to the most famous jigsaw puzzle in chess?So nice, ireally like this video though.You really found the two most ugly pictures of these two chess players.It is giving out of range exception error at this line in the Dice script : rend.

Great respect towards the owners, and should be returned to the builders.Eventually you will destroy at least one opponents castle, you will force himher to castle the other with the king.Watching last 10 min gave me confidence that i just move the pieces on the chess board.EXELENTEtrabajo simplemente hermoso.  If white's king comes to assist, then black's king can escape from the dark-square corner of the board.Pati ung song ang gnda lalong nkkaiyak anu pong title nung song?Ma come Mosconi cup ahahahahah Qualche italiano?Fischer, for example, mainly played 1.I'm thinking a different wood rather than staining it though.

The best part 19:56.

The best part 19:56.

What do you know, AlphaZero as white.What a nice operation and beautiful product."Castle if you can".Wheres shipman at ?Would love to see some matches againstanand.Can I get the plans for your sawmill,love the videos!Everytime I'm playing chess and it's not going well for me, there is a little voice inside my head "aaaand.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting.

It does compile correctly using 1920x1080 resolution on %100 scale but I can't get it to work on any lower resolution or scaling which is super weird.Thats what i have.Thank you easy idea.If you were as good as me, you'd know how bad my position is.WITHOUT ANTIQUES.Love your videos projects.

That's brilliant.Not seen before.Why do they keep going to ads stupid haircuts and ratings at critical moments?Just one thing: do you have a cold?After watching Agadmator's videos I find there is a whole new world in those 64 squares!Why botherseems like too much fiddling just for some joints when dovetailsare just as good.By far the most versatile piece of equipment I've ever worked with.SuggestionIf the Paul Morphy saga wins, The Night of the Opera could use a revisit, provided if there are more moves to be explored, like what if Morphy took the rook like a butcher would.

Jerry Menace

Over achiever

Johnny 6 String

This man deserves a TV show already. Been following him for years.

Optimus Prime

crap stop your non sense analysis. i lost game continuity

devang rathod

Super bro

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Can't believe it's been almost 8 years...


The first problems "solution" is terrible, it doesn't test anything. You're presenting a pattern of dice and then going "well actually..." and proceed to present an obscured anwser to a problem that had otheriwise had a copleatly logical solution. Not only that but also the solution presented here only works with english language therfore it's not suitable for testing people (at least not when there is no clear indication that the soultion to the problem is in english).

Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

Exquisite fidelity... prose. And truth.Wow! Historic! Wonderful! Exactly what we are doing now at a cosmic, quantum, multidimensional, evolutinary, and spiritual scale. Unzip zip new... now you see. Big big big picture. GOD.Big job. Walking!! Stepping over obstacles. Intelligence. Vibratratory.Amazing! Bible says that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made".


With Carlsen having 3 min advantage along with white pieces, anybody can attack.

Reuben Taega


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Fucking louds intros

daniel bunning

How do you make these videos and what with?I'm interested to know.

Steel Karpov

if i only could play like this xD!!

Dark Winter

The calculator has been taught - on a computer, it generates an error and you need to catch it in code to prevent erroneous behavior on a dedicated calculator it could result in either wrong output or (depending on the algorithm used) never reaching an answer (some mechanical calculators are somewhat amusing to watch trying to resolve it... it just keeps churning until it’s interrupted).

Stephen Rio

I don't even like engineering. I'm just kinda stuck here lol.

Ratlam Jila Vyapri Mahasangh

If you don't know... it's manufactured by an Indian startup.... proud to be Indian


Linus: best $200 laptop is from Walmart.Me: used thinkpad from ebay with more upgrade options and much better build quality


NdGT quotes = meh



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Where's the handshake analysis?

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Is it 8 or 5?

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Could you please explain amateur? !

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"Prophylactic move" is a nice word... but only if it works properly...

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I have not yet seen a possible brief RETROGRADE analysis by you after checkmate. ,Vince