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But you are incredibly fast don’t think the lesson would help me.Thank you so muchsir for the good ideas,information.Also, my favorite color.Hahaha you have touched it.Rd7 instead of.He appeared to play all of the top moves.Doon doon dooooon lol you know how it goes!

Marty mcfly vs Matt Damon.You got a new subscriber.In our country, We already believe that spirits live in trees that are not often disturbed, We say "Tabi Tabi Po" (Excuse me please) When passing.Question from someone who isn't an expert: why do computers take so long to resign?

No info is current or organized.The place is like paradise, even urban Oslo is glorious.The German style of cross is my favorite cross for the Kings.I love how much of a perfectionist you are.It's hard to face hw division while you are still light hw.Strongest is sicilian according to me.Could you set things on top of the lamp also?

Not very convincing.

Not very convincing.

41:13, Monte Carlo, not Mante Carlo, blunder.I stumbled over this and normally would not have even listened to it lucky for me that I did!Dude never apologize for uploading.Lmao that man Jayblac said you live in a parallel universe where everybody amwar shit got me DEAD.Asian families do this the most, especially Vietnamese culture.Maurice flexing that super dope watch in the beginning.Wow, this is so cool!Really loved the drone views at the end, and thank God you all are safe sound.Thank You for a great video!Ahhhh it's pronounced, ma-lat, I'm Australian it's bothering me how you're saying it.

What a lovely narration.

What a lovely narration.

Kerasa banget jujurnya, keren bang!Love his end game so much.Periodic table of out times.He played them alright, but the impressive thing is he saw them in advance by projecting in his mind different possibilities.For something that came out in 1965, I think it's way ahead of its time.Next time make a gun!8:50 Ben when a kid opens his or her mouth in his class.Woodworking for mere mortals.Great tutorial and please upload more thank you.If you look at Morozevich's games against other players, you will notice that he doesnt fiddle around, sounds, etc.

It would be cool to do this with a floor.And people always wonder why I'm terrified of these kinds of dolls.Please do the same guide with a hand held modern trim router.Utterly amazing!I want credit to discuss anirrelevant book.Thanks for the great content.Masyado nakakaiyak muntik na ko umiyak.Tercer comentario me la pelan.The color scheme makes me think Porter Cable, but I don't see any markings on it.Clap clap clap.

When i played check with rock on d1 than black king move on e8, i want have rocks on d1 and e1 ?Super, I will try this.In fact flexibility of the build can be protective some times.Dorrgg just being chillin' behind.You will find that the copper will be extremely soft.Appo 2 hr 25 min.

Can you do that?

Can you do that?

Magnus Carlsen played 10 opponents simultainously without being able to see the boards, essentially blindfolded.Don't trust an extension cord to a super strip, or later a stage extension cord!I don't play chess but find Alpha Zero very interesting.So if you forgot to change the speed when putting on a 45, the stylus would be dropped down on the platter (12 from the centre) and miss the vinyl altogether.Good god the pacing in this video is slow.Im from Slovakia.Aren’t we past that?Bruh playing so badly.

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5:00 im sorry but did that part say Slerp.. li- like,,,SLURPING SOUNDS INTENSIFY


This needs to be a tournament like the Pro League. Chess doubles is too awesome. Imagine Magnus Hammer or even Giri! Naka Eric! Great entertainment opportunities.



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Ruxisticohe can win because top flight chess is mostly opening preparation, the king's gambit is not that sound, so I bet that GM's don't spend much time preparing for it, still they know the lines but it isn't like they spend the time that Carlsen most likely spend on it before the game

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Thank you Jerry for another brilliant analysis and commentary. Your voice sounds fine. Tell us more about yourself sometime. You are a gem.


Yeeeees! LOVE ClaireThe Twizzlers episode...

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A mystic experience...

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Lesson in the vidHow to checkmatewith a idiot opponent