I guess I can put it on the scrapheap of "it's already been done".The codes are all the exact same.A lot of pizzas.Instead, I always sit and watch the whole advertisement first, hoping you will get some money for your efforts.He began to study chess at the age of six and became a voracious student of the game.

Get a cameraman.

Get a cameraman.

I'm new player rated under 500 lol.1st thing that I learned when I saw the title "Never to make a fool of yourself!I would have prefered Bishop g5 though in the last example, followed by f5 Ne7 aso.In my last troll level, I've got a similar finish where the anti-softlock wall opens up to reveal the end tape (NSD-4CJ-TKG).E(2) gets most of its survivability from the chance that the mouse will wander back into the center.I’m sumwhat cornfused.The Bible never taught anyone to hurt a children.Just finished it now in six sessions.

The sun also orbiting.He has an accent.What am I missing here Kevin?Him simply outplays his opponent with his sacrifices.Fox is history to me.That mush ace taken 1000 hours no joke.Eee thadi peripikan njan enthu mathram khastapetu kamayoghi.Can you do this again !How to rotate entire grid along y axis with an angle?Pre lude emol is a bit rushed imo.

Fun fact: YouTube Algorithm suggested me YOUR video while I've never seen any of the other videos!You mentioned it but I didn't gain the concept.I particularly liked your explanation of the strategic idea of playing the good knight vs bad bishop in the sicilian defence,where black has a hole on d5.Who decided that chess needs to be boring?(flipped) " flies away ".


Chess. com

Neo anderson 78

Very nice!


2:40 always made me so tense as a child :P

Rinky sinora

Hi try cake,but overflow,test is good

Gul Sn

Jerry, you had a nice fork at 38:48 with Nxc5!


this is intense!


That's nice. Mine is just the shuttup and get er done kind, not all squared up and fancy, but it works.

Noah's time to play

I just like nomal milk

Roger cammack

i would like to see him carve a knight on the


This turned out awesome!!! Thank you so much for uploading, Peter!!!

Make Malaysia Indonesia Again

Wait how about e0? So zero is not an algebraic number?


How did he make the "in car" videoshots?

Lexi Bujcs


M.Schumacher 1

What a fuck, after this mistake board is useless, H1 must be white color.....hahaha

Tanay Deep

Mikhail Tal's 5 most brilliant moves ???

Michael Thomas

Want to fire this on multiple elements with the same class? Just replace $dipper with $(this.element)


Vietnam war would be cool to see oversimplified

Cory Schulz

The who is a joke. China stopped testing, so they will not have their economy continue to implode.


I don't even know what Snapchat is

Dharamveer yadav


Dermot Hamill


Markell Perry

Parks chick is always home when they pod it would be dope to hear her take from time to time when the crew ends up on one of them topics involving women where Joe be like we can’t say to much on a topic


Maybe prophylactic is also used by other chess players who are not native English a translation of a similar term in their native language? That wouldn't make it a "correct" use.