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13:53 he could've just moved the pawn to b3 to protect the c4 square lol.If she is my teacher I would be inspired to play chess.I have noclue abt tha game but a ques for the people who know about it are these people the top best players of this game?Or put speed up to 2.Stop trying him with prepared lines.Dami kong iyak dto.Push 100 passed pawns.

At that point it would be losing for white.You and I, we will always have each other.Almost hate to cut on such a nice looking piece!I enjoyed solving it.How to play a black midi.Mine in the fridge would not be able to be handled without denting.

Love it so

Love it so

This game seems to really provoke those feelings.Me:Wait That's illegal.Qg4-g7 is a garunteed mate for white, no need to capture the b7 bishop.Well that's just great if you have a hardware store of tools at your disposal!For consistensy, anand is 2nd to few.Can i challenge u in a single match.

Water isn't wet

Water isn't wet

He almost had you checkmated if you took that pawn with the bishop!Wishing you well.I'm sorry to see that you lost."i'm stuck in the hug.Something I've others do is add lead weight in the base of the pieces and then use felt to cover them over.Who ever put a thumbs down on this video has issues.But still if you really want to know the difference, then its better to learn the basic of your selected frameworks and compare which one you like most.Qh5 Kd8Ba5 wins the queenIf Qa5 g6Bxg6 Kd8Ba5.Haha the troubles of watching on a phone sometimes.

Exf6 %clk 00:50:15 Bf4 %clk 00:56:02 16.Garry also controlled two open files.Go have a shower man!Do you need a potion, aspirin, maybe a spell of healing?That's some intense observational commentary there.Very good delivery, keep them coming!Makaines yong lalake.

Wowvery beautiful.Since you got the extra 0.This game is an example of that kind of game where looser has no idea where he was wrong.Think you should talk us through it.This man deserves a TV show already.Bang naro coba lawan komputer level 100 kalau menang saya siap jadi subcriber setia video anda.Why don't you tell us that the bathrooms have toilets.And, thank you for all your support!

Great chess player but not a comedian.800 Bucks for this?Man ist das ein Sabbelkopf.Or you made a mistake very grave.Magnus broke the rule, play the piece you touch.Not sure I could sell my carvings for enough to recoup the cost.I have a request.Terra looking fine at 1:30.You had me at "hit things".It had to be a red orib.

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At 3:22 was that ninja trying to teach you a jutsu or what

Waleed Azab

I am speechless to describe the joy I had watching the making of this piece of art ... Thank you King

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Fake news just a common cold

Mr. Man

7:38 Qxe2



X boy productions

Lincoln and then there are different models I looked it up on eBay and there is a red one and another light kind of like red and white and so I just wanna know if that’s a real thing the real one you have right now cost 1 249 99

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how many price in this set

Vamsy Krishna 1C

At 10:26 ... Moving C4 also gives queen to check King

Steven Cook

Great work. Thanks for sharing.

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Gua dengerin pke headset terus bunyi petir gua kira openingnya emng suara petir eh ternyata suara petir beneran

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The cases in Mexico are not showed in your map, what king of news is this?

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And it IS a very nice word. Look it up online.

Brian Stone

I don't understand why Feldman is shown to have a 0% of winning when if the last card is a heart he would have a winning flush? Am I missing something? Does the computer know that there are no more hearts? Obviously not with the last card being a heart.