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In the Seargent(?A really good music tune :).Did TED-Ed just say "Meme?You guys are really talented.6:08 ada yang sadar gak kok banteng ngak dimakan kan goblok.

Suggestion praggnandhao vs Sergey karjakin 2018.Morphy to his opponents: YOU ARE GRANTED THE RIGHT TO RESIGN.Would you ever try making one out of marble and wood?Udah nyoba resep ini hari ini, 3 Maret 2020.

That was really stupid of him trying that on Kasparov.I'm short on time.I saw the first one more or less instantly its beautiful.You could say the probability of hitting near the circle’s edges has a pdf of 0.Snuskefar1 Thanks!A1 sits in the bottom left corner of the board which represents the Eastern horizon where everything in the heavens is born and reborn.Incredible Ivanchuk game!

JC 3-0 JC with clear

JC 3-0 JC with clear

"In the spirit of Mikhail Tal".WOOOOW really beautiful.I agree to most of what he says, but this bothered me: "Who really changed the world?Ted only gave him 10 minutes because the powers that be censor information which contradicts mainstream belief, which pays the bills.If anyone asked me who the guitar tech is for anyone else I wouldn't have a clue.

Constant vigilance.Very nice channel sir, thank you for the content!Obviously I haven't smoked the limited edition.These videos have helped me not just learning but also clearing the concept of permutation and combination.Another question: is there a way to calculate exactly how far away the dart has to be so its landing point on the dartboard would be outside of the new circle?What size is the board?What's the song at 8.

Nishant Telang

But at 7:19 isn't it two rooks and a bishop against a queen and a knight? Isn't that winning for white?

Jim Gould

I like the aggressive chess!  this fits my style of play.

Iram Velazquez

I've been learning Russian for about a month now and I just realized that I've been doing most of the things this person talked about and YES it definitely works because my girlfriend (a Russian speaker) is very impressed how fast I'm learning.

Safa Melekolu

Your works are great, greetings from Izmir, Turkey :)Have you ever thought building something without screws? Like japans do

Joe Nevens

They can know for certain on the second day. On day 1, Alice knows Bob sees 6 or 8 and Bob knows that Alice sees 10 or 12 since they both know the answer is either 18 or 20. Furthermore, Alice knows that Bob can think she sees between 10 and 14 trees. Similarly, Bob knows that Alice can think that Bob sees between 6 and 10.Thus,Day 1:Alice passes.Since Alice passes, she can now be certain that Bob knows that she sees fewer than 14 trees, since she knows he sees at least 6.Bob passes.Day 2:Since Bob passed knowing that Alice has either 10 or 12 trees (and Alice knows this) and she knows that he has either 6 or 8, she now knows that he sees 8 trees, since clearly if he sees 6 then he would have known the answer to be 18.Thus, Alice can now correctly answer 20.

Jake Battaglia

I was trying to do it from the sound and the pawn on h2 is not spelt out! that was torture.

Charles Michie

If these guys were all born in the same trailer park in Ohio on the wrong side of the EPA's toxicity regulation timeline, they might have become Guided By Voices.

dimitri kindle

Easily the most entertaining video i've ever seen :D


did anyone else feel bad for the last machine :(

Glenn McEnroe

really nice lecture and funny at the same time

Android Gmer

anyone foolish enough to get in the path of dyrroth ult will be killedroger jumps

Anthony Cooper

Honesty please.Is it hard to keep that shop paid for based on comfortable production. 60hour weeks avg.?

sinclear savior

My woman.lolol

Martin Janoschek

I was starting to lose hope that AC/DC and Queen (We Will Rock you/we are the champions) weren’t on your list, thanks!

harsha harish

Thank u so much simply super

Morgan Childs

This is the worst game of backgammon I've ever seen. Jesus Christ.

Ali Harday

Thank you for your excellent job

soager009 69

If he could explain this more simply, I didn't understand how the trick is done.

Leonard Noel

Very good presentation. Thank you.

Tony Gerald

Love the hairdo.


Magnus Carleen is way overrated. I could beat an army of 20 clones of him in a simul, blindfolded and earmuffled.

Anthony Schmocker

hands down the worlds sexiess coffee table BOOM i said it hahaha

Janus Berg

Naka is always coming with so many little excuses, he was so salty it was beautiful:)Wp Eric

See the Light

Didn't want to sleep on the couch.

William Jefferson

Why was Sivlder so upset by g3 in the Grunfeld? I though he liked the KID.

kazyi tazweed

How to slay the coronavirus

Roman Orekhov

Think it's time to create a playlist like "Elite pawngrabbers punished"

Brian Underwood

The thorsden 3d filament dryer is so nice! Bought one myself after seeing it in person. Works like a dream

Ben Heckendorn

He is a Jedi, i wishI would know someone like him, i believethere is a lot to learnfrom him

sai santosh

Omg u r making so many attempts to light up tourch but think out side the box