How To Make...Orange Chess Bars

Very nice work by the way.I love how humble they are back then until now.(OBVIOUSLY - PPE is still your first priority - but denatured stinks).If there was ghost why didn't save your friend from ghost?This porn has way too long introduction.I think it’s a great table, but wtf is a magnet?"OH GEEZ I JUST BLUNDERED A PAWN".I assume theres some way they could make it where you're playing alphazero or stockfish lvl 9 but is the built in computer comparable to those engines?

Jinx looking like mf Lucky Daye over

Jinx looking like mf Lucky Daye over

Where can I get the wood for this?) vs Fischerin the WC candidates tourney.Anything that separates from the source of life will eventually age and die in order for life to be supported and continue it must be connected and supported by the source of life Yahuwah Ruwach.2:12 wow, what a move.Quero um dia ser tao bom quanto eles ou talves melhor.Can you cover the Aronian - Grischuk match too?Every move White played dripping with arrogance, and Black couldn't do a thing about it.So his position destroyed him, or lacktherof.

Carlsen is godp.

Carlsen is godp.

Why do I remember that.The Catholic church has produced more cold killers than the Mob.The quickest way to determin which way a knight may move.The US at this time had hundreds of thousands of workers manufacturing in shipyards and airplane factories along with everything else that was needed for the war."I never cared about the audience"-Proceeds to fix the camera for the audience to see.I think these tutorials should be more about the explaining, than about the game itself.Max Euwe conjured up a win out of a bad position.There's a lot of comments criticizing the cameraman for not showing the screen.Fantastic stuff.Stormy weather in Norway.

Haters Jacob Marks.Go ahead throw your tomatoes I don't give a crap.12:44 For example queen c.No one wants to be the Cricket who Sang all summer While MOCKING the industrious, hard working Squirrel who spent the summer preparing his home and gathering up nuts and grains for the hard winter ahead.I'm so confused i triggered the waypoint but the animation i can't seem to do it huhu help please.I love it when you call Tom a fkn piece of shit.Mam,i have noticed that you are baking a cake with a electric stove,if so can u tell me from 400 to 1200 which value has to be set for cake baking.He couldn't make the han solo movie bearable.

Why did you put it in the oven?2:44 what if oponent plaj knight f6.3:30 Man, I know what you were trying yo say, but you made a mistake.Castling Queenside is actually a possible mate?(no need to be rude because you know).I mean if you go Bg5 Ng6 b4 still looks like a free piece.

Great reviews homie.I also found out that he molested multiple sisters from age 12 to 17.Kudos sa lahat ng gumanapHay nko sana mkita to ng iba lalo na sa mga kbataan hindi marunong mgphlaga.The Parker Square as the failure is hilarious.I should make a few more and try what's here out.


Perfect, simple design and with minimal materials and tools....except for the pocket hole jig. lol. Great video!

Larsen Villaranda

wow. just wow. thanks Mato!

Brahm El-Ahmara

How I wish you guys can come to Gauteng...Eersterust, Eldos, Westbury, Enerdale and Noorgesig - just to name a few. Will really enjoy your shows.

Ronie Odtojan

At 6:05 Its a checkmate! White Bishop move to f7 then he's gone!

IlConnerlI 1

Limitless games

Yeah Right

Jesus god damn christ, hopefully those kids don't end up as fucked up as these two. It will be a vicious cycle


You killed it with this playlist.

Christopher Bertoli

Didn't see the first move, did see the second with the bishop. Didn't take long either, seconds at most. It just seemed the only useful move.Problem I'd have is just getting to that point in the first place, both concentrating for long enough and spotting the really obvious stuff that everyone else gets. It's a niche ability

Mohammed Qabazard



"we need something to call the size of this grid, I dunno what to call it.. what, R.R? R.. let's call it R. What we want to do is call it SCL"

Magdalena Kutuahupira

That's how we leave thug life forever

Lee Fowler

Tom's house reminds me of my great uncle Grant's house in the similar setup. There were still pictures left in the place. Very creepy. Too bad its fell in now.