How to make hammer of CHALK CARVING at HOME easy

I was starting to enjoy your videos.You please watch your own video again and see what you are doing.A pawn for a queen.

Was it a sponsored tool, or did

Was it a sponsored tool, or did

Very nice,please.If you keep the proviso, thenthis is not a real life mapping problem.I really liked this one, prolly one of the best ones ive watched for a long time, very even and great ideas from both sides.EDIT:I made a quick demo: I click on a child, I would expect, that the mouseover event listener gets triggered and logs the child id.I like turtles like turtles.

30 is just brutal.Really well done video!Why is the term log(x) often used to refer to log10(X) rather than loge(x) is e is so much simpler?I think C7 would be a better position for the N than D7, but it would take two moves.Beautiful chess board and excellent coursework.

I didn't know I could laugh this hard watching some god damn chess games.He had mate at 12:17 rook on e-6 to e-8.I was wondering when we had a hurricane 2 yrs ago we were without power for 10 very long days.Lmao its agadmator vs carlsen.Magnus is my favorite of all time.The man solving the puzzle: that doesn't make sense, they didn't build it right.Sjugirov, a name that will be remembered forever.He could've done checkmate at 4:00 with b3.

Tarasch forgot about women.They have had conversation with their followers about life and virtues.Logan toms brother.Here's to Mat the legend!Why he got a Detroit tat when he from 9 mile?Traces two lineGuy: YOOOOOOOOO.Enjoyed this game too much.1 for Akiba Rubinstein saga!Unbefreakingunbelieveable.Whoa, an electronic chess board.

Thanks for this video.

Thanks for this video.

I need to learn chess.Wow first time I'm not "here just to enjoy the show".I've got 3 vinyl boards, and just bought my first silicone board.Soooo any of y’all got the link.4:13 he can move his rook and give space to king.2020thilkanunnavar undo.Im playin chess for about 1 year and im stunned by this game.I want to make my project easy for packaging so I really need to buy these screws, thank you.That looks so cool!

Markus Petersen

This game was PepeHands dude

rodney adams

very nice. any one say man don't have cnc mill machine. you wood burn stars, use stickers, drill hole with chisel make look like stare spray paint white run planer have stars that way. don't think because don't have tool that cain try do this.

Gavin Todd

One thing that could help someone like me (a non chess player) understand this better would maybe be momentarily pausing the live feed of the video when the commentator goes off on what "could've happened" because seeing what the commentator says and then quickly jumping a few moves to catch up was putting me behind a bit... But after some pausing and analysis I caught up again. Awesome narration though!

Huy Nguyen

what the hell am i listenning to ?? :D!?!?!!!

Kaled Elsadi

This video helped me out with the orthocenter and centroid and how to determine which one is which and I realized that both of them lie on the same line,

Craig Preston

I know exactly what your buildingBut I dare not say a word, as that will ruin the surprise, and I know full well I will suffer the wrath of Old Tony!he is not to be trifled with, the calm, cool friendly demeanor is merely a veil that an evil monster hides behind.Why do we only see his hands? those are specially made gloves to cover the cloven hooves.


I got piano ads in this video


Fantastic game by Kasparov. Beating a chess engine is almost impossible for a normal player, not for the best player of all times!

Kiran Jadhav

sir ur mob no please

Stefan Giese

I REALLY LIKED THE DISCUSSIONS / ARGUMENTS THIS TOPIC RAISED.I am also a person who grew up watching Norm, but he had sponsors and used their stuff exclusively in his shows.But it was still awesome.Perhaps you could start a new argument by making a video like epoxy projects are not real woodworking or laminating is superficial... that fallout would be awesome too.Keep up the amazing work.The new weekend woodworker project is something I wish we had 20 years ago.Great idea.


Yessssss!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I was late)

Sandesh Sandu

Super excellent wonderful talent thanking for you


They're so lucky, I would pay loads to get to play Vishy

Mihai Gabriel

I would want to see Carlsen playing this.

Abhinav Asthana

Thank You Sir :) !!


Joseph Bert

Loved it. Was better than Cats.

Occam's Razor

I am not a chess geek but I like the game. I have played four-person chess and it makes it intense and in its own way more enjoyble. This one is just weird! The introduction was gold but This guy is gonna pass on this one because you can still play three-man chess on a four-man board without all the circle modifications you did to this board, nice try...