How to make Chicken and Dumplings, Mama's Chicken and Dumplings are the Best!

But why would she then proceed to kill her own kids, both biological and adopted?You have to train yourself to stop making assumptions.Some company for sure.I think you cool Naka!as Always your build quality And your videography is superb!Oh god Alan made a Headcrab.But the interviewer is the definition of hot :P.

With this reasoning you could reproduce S an infinite number of times, so you’d have 1infinite.S faltou jogar no Brasil kkkkk.Hi,Some schmuck has ripped this video, cropped your logo and re-uploaded it to Facebook -.Amazing delicious cake recipe.For this without cream cheese can we frost with whip cream also.But it is still a piece of shit.What is that white thing please.When you say something like rook e8 is completely fine here is that because you have tested that move in this situation with an engine, or just your presumption based on this game?Including the new tray - NICE JOB.Another tip: buy ONE expensive knife, i can recommend Dalstrong (you have great robust knifes), with g10 garolite handelsHere i cant tell you which one (which knife to buy), but i believe you are better in cutting stuff then i am, thus you know what knives you like.

TOTALLY INCREDIBLE !I can get bogged down in the dimensions of things.Great analisys, and great spanish accent, congrats.White moves wrong.Also, you answered a major question I've had.NU MAI AVEI CE S POSTATI, NU-I AA?

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Nu tt en va i

Kg8 Why should this be the end?Love me some perspective.Wernher Von Braun approved!A way to "cheat" and get the drawer the same level as the outside is to put a thin piece of wood inside the back.We just dont think we live on a BALL.Wow, I can't believe it, Edison was an animal killer, and had no conscious, and failed to see that DC can't be transformed easily.Aren't you well.

8:32 when you take the meme too seriously, F.I was downI was depressedThen I saw Ben has a new lecture.Fck dyrroth he is not balanced hero he is so powerful and even montoon nerf this hero it always powerful.Hola, dnde puedo comprar la caja clue box?It may have been asked already, but why did you go with straight sided inlay here instead of a v-inlay?But who's delivering the mail.I was hoping it was going to be a running engine.Yours with the deepest respect.

Take a shot every time he says ok and you might not be ok.Have a great one!It just puzzles me.All other rules the same).Why is it okay to move two peices in one move?Amazing game for a 6 year old.Every time that I drill pocket holes I tend to get wood chips all around the jig, but I noticed that you got no chips at all.

Great Video - Toss the Music!Don't get me wrong cause you are great and brave mostly.I can’t breve I can’t breve.Since upload I m repeatedly watching this.Comcast Gambit mouahaha 22:15.Light bulb moment.

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Se eu tivesse na plateia gritava "eu aposto 10 pila no beiudo"

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Everything is wetter than water cuzWater ain't wet

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it looks 3D.absolutely beautiful

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6:41 he has to trade the queens since his rook is hanging

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The Mona Lisa ofkaayaks, How can I have one like this?

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MoeY’all want some free candy come on in swing the sour sauce Mmm Herbert the pervert is funny asf 6:36 Herbert the Pervert luring kids


Is Jim Jones Saucey on the table?

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I would like a video where they only shows the actual moves. I get all confused when the volume is off. Everyone who make chess episodes have to show that they also have superior knowledge...


Me encanta tu humor jaja


Can you discuss something about middle games .

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Hey Titan, I've recently come across your videos and I just want to say you really inspire me to push my production and to do quality parts at a fast rate! I have a cnc shop in Malaysia and I had a vision to grow it but it hasn't really come through however after seeing your journey, similar to mine where God has put something in our hands and what are we gonna do about it. I really thank you for your videos cause it helps me remain passionate when things don't go the way I expect it to. Thanks again Titan!



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Synology NAS for handling your data and extra goodies that you may think run good... they don't there ment for people who can't get a grasp on servers, dude you have a better solution right there , for less then that 5-bay get another 710, try freeNAS or proxmarks, see those up on top of a rack makes me sad, at least get a QNAP NAS if you have to go the lazy way

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How about a = b = 1 1 minute.