How to Make Best Gluten Free Pie Crust Ever

Great insight, thanks for the video as usual!Clips was playing nice.I have a better appreciation for them for sure.) Rook moves to D8CHECKMATE.98 ) Both sides making slight errors.

Nigga rapping in the dark.This is how Road Rash was made.I agree Jay leaving the splines out was a good choice.Yeah, the last for sure but still very close.Fascinating topic.This is truly amazing!But I wonder he survived in one piece - definitely not to recommend.It forces queen trade.Pinatulo mo luha ko Hannah.

Use a tape measure and call

Use a tape measure and call

Tem qe ter o baianinho a.Did you friend me.But anyway this guy is a real talent, dont want to take anything away from him, just wondering if this was a computer point.How are u gonna play chess on it.You can't say "fact is this seems.Has anyone beat you with it yet.

Excellent tuition.

Excellent tuition.

Well if we think about itHe said x squarex10 so for it to be 0 we need to have a negative number and the other number is x if we say that x is negative the x square should be positive and bigger than x.After having fianchettoed both bishops on move 6, Stockfish agrees with EVERY SINGLE CARLSEN MOVE from move 7-18 (disagreed on move 19, where it preferred fxg6 over Rae8).Fischer won the United States Chess Championship at the age of fourteen and at fifteen became the youngest Grandmaster at that time.I'd never wish dementia on anyone as my grandmother had it but I think he deserves it as I think waking up and having to try (and fail) to remember why you're in a jail cell every morning is the universe's revenge.Anyone tell me why the black king didnt take the pawn on this turn?This International Master seems to be averse of playing with Queen.He looks like Thor.

I practice till my fingers bleed

I practice till my fingers bleed

3:50 White could've punished with Bxd4, taking a free bishop!Can anyone tell me name of movie?Beautyful peace of scrapwood.Chooper ve bahadr da burda ::d magnus babada vay amk.I had to rescue my dad and his friend who are both in wheelchairs cause the wind came up and blew them to other side of giant reservoir in Utah (jordanelle resvoir) and yeah luckily the had fishing gear and some survival gear.I mean really good.Nagperform na to sa school namin!I have to get an another AL-990 it was an good radio :).Keep up the good work.

Bryan P.



So who win

Doughnut Spaghetti

Was it the air left in the tube you used to hold the ship up?At least it looked like it was hollow.Or possibly air in the ship.Just a though.


Oooh boy, your voice is crackling more than an old record player

Prabhaass S Raazz

One of the bestttt....


this video deserves to be in trending 1:21

Nischay tiwari

12:10 Isn't Queen takes bishop followed by knight e3 forking opponent's king and queen.

Paco Vasda

All good stuff, thank you. but when your stuff gets so light don't overlook weighting it down. Just a chunk of metal or sand or something in the bottom to keep it heavy is somewhat common in manufacturing if you're going to make a pen and pencil cup you kind of need to weigh it down


The "bit of Pythagoras":Let's call the radius of a sphere 1. (Call it R if you are unhappy with this it works out the same.)First application of Pythagoras: the distance from the top center of the half-sphere to the corner of the box is2 (it's two radii). The distance from the corner of the box to the midpoint of the edge is 1. So the distance from the edge midpoint to the top of the half-sphere is root 3.Second application: The distance from the edge midpoint to the center of the bottom of the box is just 1. The previously result gave us the hypotenuse of this new triangle, so the height is root 2.

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woah. awesome!

Sean Godley

John Lennon's a scouser! Where are you from buddy?

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Dude that girl is a noob


The old way you spoke about is extremely great for TBI patients.I played music and youtube mind drums and sounds. It worked for my brother.the medical system rejected this thought. I have proof it works.

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Vance Larena is ang galing din nya sa Dead Kids Sa Iwant tv

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Issues are not the only thing I’ll talk about tomorrow I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk tomorrow night I’ll talk tomorrow I talk to you later love I talk later talk to you later love you guys I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll see if I see you tomorrow I’ll

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Thank you astral throb. Today is my birthday :) iwatch all your mixes. i love this :) its a great birthday gift.

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Excellent event! Great dynamics and commentators. On the down side, another 2d board with the actual position, besides the analysis board, would have made it a lot easier to follow. Maybe next time it could be implemented. Thanks a lot for bringing this fantastic stuff to players at all levels!

wesley verbrugghe

ive been watching Moe for some time now his funny and everything i get he doesnt care just playing and messin with ouija board but one day he might be very unlucky

fritz fritz

16:12 i think bishop b4 is a better move than pawnxf4

Shipbuilding Expert

Amazing ! What a classic !


when you do an insanely hard calculation and you get 1 out the other side its just really satisfying

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It's impracticable to see that "something" can become "nothing". The ultimate question becomes, where did the energy sufficient to create the big bang come from?

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I don’t feel sorry for him his file said he was a psycho before going to the state school and being molested.

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At 3:57 white Checkmate by Knite e2and then Rook h5

jeff millerf

Uh King.... of....... PAWWWWN...... STYLE!!!!!!!!