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Ur wife's fav comb lol.I won't sleep anymore untill I know how is it done.I hate when I think I am winning only to find out I was wrong.

Check out FreeMyApps, a quick and easy way to earn free gift cards.Nice build, but WAAAAY over the top for the job it is to perform.This, I feel, represents the utopia of teaching-learning environments.Skilled don't need professional paint room, you did better than others actually best, piece of art.It just shows the skills of a computer designed to show the best moves in a given position.This comment might be a year late and 26 dollars short, but can we talk about Keith shouting YEAH !Or, you just press the button until all the marbles are gone.Kf2 %clk 00:07:02 Qd5 %clk 00:26:45 30.

This lection contains:3% Chess lessions97%

This lection contains:3% Chess lessions97%

As sacrilegious as it may sound, I like it better than any of the other TNG films.Why not Qb4 instead of Qe6?I cant get my pancakes to get that mousse texture.5:155 and win Queen.It was orange with bottles of water inside.I love how you worked through the problems and still created an awesome table.

Absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning.

The Opera Game hasn't really been explored to its full potential it seems.I like it so much.Really liked your editing, especially the speed,.How could someone kill an innocent child.It's there a minimum posibility of a counterattack?So instead of putting the brackets here, I just get a cat.I think the A and H Files are crucial as you have half the defenders compared to any other file.I think if you have a young person you want to help by teaching tech, raspberry Pi is the way to go.We shall see more from them.You look kinda like Jonah Hill.

Hi Insection, lagi ka binibida

Hi Insection, lagi ka binibida

U run u confuse them u drop it u run,I'm 1 km from droop ing point,shit,u let yourself be catch with something minimum 20yeaes,maximum life and the whole gang cot,.And takes credit for a community he did not pioneer.You are a wonderful speaker.But I'm glad you didn't play the "Apocalypse" variation.This was a talent Alexander sorelylacked.This has caused me to rethink (translation: I'll get a supercomputer to think it for me) whether I want to bother ever watching again.

What about the factory warranty for the frame

What about the factory warranty for the frame

How are these games arranged?I'm a fan of your videos."Paint it black.Wach my chanl the Ruby mincart.Love this series.Thanks for the video.How practical do you think the leg designslab shape are as a dining table?What a brilliant game with excellent play from both sides and find comments.I was wondering why not Rc4 for black to go after white's pawn.Chess might double down for Shine to redeem himself.


45:03 joke's on you, Croatian is my native language.

Bisri Efendi

Pinter dia main karambol ya....teruskan dik....anak Indonesia hebat

Sainder PPD

Agadmator can u make a masterclass chess teaching series?

Lauren Haack

So I find it weird how a lot of these stories are of people dying and being left in their home for a good amount of years and no one even bats an eye like what about collection agencies? Power? When someone stops paying all their bills, no one comes by to talk?? And how does a landlord not talk to a lady for 42 years, wouldn’t he notice something if she stopped paying her rent? I know that my friends landlord is on her if she’s even a day late. I never understood how bodies could be left alone THAT long and no one notices. Very hard to process


So we have this board game called dominion(2 expansions) they have 71 unique cards, in a game you choose 10 of these 71 cards to play with. so I wanted to know how many combinations of cards you can play the game with. I think i did my math right here it is:71X70X69X68X67X65X64X63X62=1.67555505E18 or 1 quintillion675 quadrillionIs that correct?

Agamemnon Butterscotch

Now do king vs. king endgame . . . in antichess.

Ben Smart

The comment at 8:12 is me when I program in c

Barry Carter

Nice professional video, BUT you need a clamp to make a clamp?

V Phong

Ch anh mi

Surya karan

When player resigned I must show all possible move of checkmate

Jan Albrecht

Amazing Job, i like it


This is immensly helpful, thank you, i would have screwed up royally on severy things had i not seen this!


Newly sawn wood would seem to be the answer!

Matthew Dawkins

'every move i make, every breath i take' lol


1) Always show the game board. If you have to show something stupid, show it on top of the analysis board. 2) Ask Gadir tf he was coughing like he was on his deathbed. 3) Ask Carlsen wtf he never stops eating4) Attack Carlsen's depressed face. He looked like he just spent 23 years alone in a mountain. Create some drama

Bass Drip NCS

lovely video

Metal Force

Hermes and other high end fashion is a ripoff. Not even nice or comfortable. Rich people are crazy