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Ive used the tactic of having peices block other ones if they capture to get a queen,.In the second video, I don’t see Sasha saying Jadoube.Ahead before my flight at Changi International Airport in Singapore.Thanks for sharing this journey with us.What's not wholesome about guns?I N T H E S P I R I T O F M I K H A I L T A L.Crazy train, seven nation army?That's what I was looking and wondering, then I paused the video to see if I was right, Ivanchuk's hesitation.

I am losing less interest with this show.

I am losing less interest with this show.

You have awesome music with your videos!When Trump won the election dems say the Electoral College shouldn't count it's the popular vote,now that Bernie's winning the election, they say the popular votes don't count that much lets find away around them.I would have thought Kasparov would have blown Nakamura off the board.Ah man, here we go again 1:19 ohh man pn for nerds3:11 true so truerelatable 4:43 just vsauce rolling his tongue 6:03 a disk or icosahedron or.You can't call this chess.I loved every part of this video,except the part that showed the Detroit Lions blanket.Black player is a beginner.Can someone explain this clip for me?  It looked like some kind of graphics glitch.The dawn of Hobbyist Culture and the mid age of Transistor.

The one on

The one on

Vishy Anand wins.Just for the coolness factor.Stunning craftsmanship, would love a 9.Alexa what’s the definition of jepajize.I'll stick with checkers.What a waste of the Smith-Morra though.How can anyone not love this game, so many chess "principles" can be applied to the business world and to life itself!Can i move into the cloud room?

Quick question, why did you attach the

Quick question, why did you attach the

Besides that your cognitive skills are just impressive indeed.1971 - while serving in Vietnam with the US Army, I saw a compact cassette player for a car advertised in the Pacific Exchange Catalog, a sort of Sears catalog for the GI at war.The will of fire is inside a real ninja.Tao ka ba talaga ?6box) call draw function every 100 mslet game setInterval(draw, 100).The boy play like gentleman.Where do these people come from?At 3:04 did they mean "Ride"?I think it's best to leave.


Does it make you a better player if you have 1000 $ chess set?

the Misael show

for a second I thought it had something to do with dragon ball. for the gt


The level of nostalgia I feel should be unhealthy. <3

Rochelle El

Look at Shlomi's poker tell.....Danny guessed he had cowboys and he agreed by nodding yes......I don't think he realized he did that.....Daniel is a freak of poker nature!!

Shamil Djafarli


Rafael Gabon

how to do hard drop?

Conrad W

1:44 Finally something for the kid who doesn’t have a dad or any siblings