How to improve your chess visualization skill with the VISUALWIZE training method

BRING BACK THE PALADIN!He proved these foaming glues, like the one being used here, and also like Gorilla Glue form the weakest bonds and were by far the easiest to break apart.The Bible never taught anyone to hurt a children.

The best wood

The best wood

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Why doesnt Rock c-B1

Why doesnt Rock c-B1

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Don't expect anything great coming from this community when the only time they applaud during a QA with the man who MADE linux and git is when someone complains about how their feelings got hurt.Hats off to the presentation you have made its splendid.Why are there so much christmas decorations in the game?Edit: And frankly, I can't name a bad brand of drills.3:04 lf i were white in this position l would probably resign.Dude that ain't 5 moves!I used to play this,but then, I move on to d5.Pretty interesting view on the Direct3DOpenGL implementation of 3D graphics.Would my SAWDUST be as good as your.Just starting out so I don't want to buy an electric one lol.

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Plus, Data making jokes is priceless!My ambition is a Investigative officer.Material was ash, oak, and hickory with very little iron.I liked how you classifiedyour explanation.In a throw away society it's nice to see this, it honors the original manufacturer and yourself for the great work.I wonder if you can make your own API.Shame that not more grandmasters take the risks he does in order to win.Magnus vs Naka would be hella fun.What a nice tutorial thanks buddy.He looks kinda like Doc Brown.

Victor Thurse

Ha, I knew that!

John Sapno

on 21:19 , you could just move white queen to C8 and get a checkmate. Wtf lol


for everybody who dont understand that joke.......

Boniface Mwadime

This is not a chess match. It is a chase match. Last moves by both players are not even possible and illegal.I'm in tears...


Is the knight to E2 instead of D3 the game-changer here?

Brandon McBadass

What I’ve learned from Mr.Puzzle about any puzzle is to spin it lol

Timothy J. Holloway

White might need to check its privilege....

Peter Silo

Ok then ... i saw that before, but whats the point of "magic" squares

john bingham

I am not sure but I believe it wes Archimides who said,"if there is a best way it will be natures way" I note this in relation to the Bees" close packing of nectar within honeycombes.and also the answer to steiner"s problem,answered by plateau"s experiments with soap films

G.U. Official

Bout to show this to my mom wish me luck...

Xavier Hine

X wietie eers waaroor ek praatie my fok


The challenger was rly nice and was having fun with the kid no disrespect. But the guy off camera was super annoying he was the real trash talker

Lonely Loner

this man could walk up to me and tell me he's a 10000 year old wizard who is so powerful that he wiped out the dinosaurs single-handedly and can teach me magic behind the KFC, and I'd believe him.


An interesting proof that keeps feeding itself. I'm still curious about applying an equation to jumping a checker. Why is it xx2=x3. Did someone randomly try that or is there something inherent about jumping checkers and that equation.


2020 we play this song this is grate memory sound track.

ferchichi asma

i love the sound of nature wood without music you make peace of art

Juan Daniel