How to handle chess openings moves not in the book

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Rodney Alcala: don’t worry, i’m not a kidnapper

Rodney Alcala: don’t worry, i’m not a kidnapper

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Often happened to me, lead a strong

Often happened to me, lead a strong

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14why rook capture knight was not played it could be major advantage fr black.Her ss remind me of Meldy's soul link.Most of this is bad advice.  I'm surprised they aren't made third-tallest instead in more chess sets.Playing at lichess with advisor.I will be taking your advice and working on small techniques at a time tell it all comes together.


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shitty video! just keeps on zoomin in and out!

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Have you guys ever noticed that almost every time in these grsnmaster games the white is most likely to win and to set up gambits , its a bit controversial if you think about it

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I wanna smoke weed out of one of these! "What about second breakfast?"

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I think is a fantastic and unique design and also a "new" old thinking what the clock should be today. Today pepole dont really buy something because they really need it. No. They buy because they like it so much they want to have it. By the way this clock reminds me of the old "electronica g9 04" russian nixie tube clock in my room when i was a kid. It was more "modern"design with a digits in a tubes not numbers like this. Today pepole like things that are handmade and original and they dont bother to pay the price and as i see lot of design elements come back from 70s and 80s and i love that.

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Maldita kaayo c Bonita oi Ma ayoko nang mag aral gusto ko nang mag asawa

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He seems a little angry today

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Warnings! These comment section is fuelled by quotations.

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This is good

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He's so chill and nonchalant lol


This would lead to a mate caused by whites queen and rook, as g8 is threatened by the bishop.

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Levie is such a queen

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From von Lindemann, if a is algebraic, then ea is transcendental.But what about a = 0?Zero is algebraic, but e0 = 1.Perhaps that's the lone exception to von Lindemann?

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Silence Please

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