How to crush with london system by Magnus carlsen

Not so a good endgame - she could have that done better I think.I just can’t help but these two!Really funny lecture.INFINTIYILLEGAL.

Correct ones, and mine.Movie nice entertainment.All the panels are not aligned.This game reminds me that there is no need to panic!The bishop pair is overrated because the pesky knight compensates for it.A magical lighter.At 36:46 i disagree with your analysis of Mednis's move to bring black bishop to a3.I came here from the 2mm nozzle video lol.

I always end the video when

I always end the video when

It is also useful for our equipment manufacturer!What about Rg4 ?15:17 is Bxd2 best move for black or bxc4?Love those recipes, thank you.Lose that 200 pounds.

But not just the idea itself, the execution was also methodical and merciless.Chess-set is cool, though.You guys are seriously crazy to stay the night in a demonic ass house lol kudos to both of you though enjoying the entertainment even though I'm scared for you two uuughh.''Now, when people think of the Sicilian, they're like woo!Thumbnail looks like the hotdog guy in The Happening.

Sorry I'm a hater.The wikipedia seems to be gone now.Tapi ya namanya main sendiri.Fallowthis link and a video ofGM SimonWilliams about 5 attacking tactics of this genius young player.My question is how could you use this trash stupid CodeBlocks IDE.Excellent and very educational video.I would love to see more of Peter Svidler playing blitz :).What are those bench "cookie" tripods you were using when oiling the cutting board?This one even interfacing with Stockfish for deciding moves:-).

They gotta do what they gotta do they're

They gotta do what they gotta do they're

Tal must be the chess GOAT.1:05 "hey eDDYway".When I get my box done, I will show you it -) I am paralyzed in my left leg due to an accident I went thru in 2012, I also have other nerve issues due to the accident.Every prostitute I fucked, talks like this.I appear to have lost all my brain cells.Great teacher, your style of plays is like poetry in motion.I don't agree with 3:15.I wonder if they had the capabilities to make something like this in the middle ages?

Alice passing would provide no additional information unless

Alice passing would provide no additional information unless

And what would you use to cut it short of electrical cuttingtools?Wish i had popcorn.It's also a ohelo berry that the goddess pela loved to eat on the big Island.As a Mexican these are regular everyday snacks.Hampir2 mirip kya serangan novendra yg dibahas kmrin ya.It's like a misplaced the queen in original square.I hope any text indonesia language.


I was a bit baffled when you said "half a dozen" but it immediately made sense when you did the metric conversion for those of us not born in imperial times. Thanks! )

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uhhmm.. uhhmm.. quality youtuber...

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That person is so not a real ninja!

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Is the queen side castle at 12:09 in the movie legal?


26:17 right clicked either on the UI or the castle and it didn't register


Every competition on this channel ever: Eugene saying he will/wants to lose, then winning

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how long did that take u to finish

Fireball XL5

I absolutely love the way you explain things!!! Here's something I like to blow people's minds with. The Sun's weight or mass. (I know the difference, lol) The Sun is large and in charge!!! The Sun has the same mass as a ball of dirt from your front yard, now get this...the same size as the Sun!!!! That's right! What?! I thought the Sun was just a big ball of gas?! The Sun is NOT a ball of gas! It's like saying which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of lead? It's made mostly of two elements that are usually in gasses when on Earth, hydrogen and helium but there is so much of them in the Sun they are compressed by their own gravity to being 13 times denser than lead in the core! To put it another way the Sun is the same mass as if you filled up a sphere the same size as the Sun with water. AND THEN added another 0.4 times (40%!) more water to that same sphere and then compressed it so that it was back to being the same size as the Sun!! That's how freaking heavy (massive) the Sun is!!!!!!! Or is it? Yes it is!!!!

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Great job Jacob! Lets hope to see more of his games in the future


I love how your genuinely surprised that it didnt cook

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What about naruto

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nice play

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what about the songs' titles??? I LOVED THE VIDEO <3 thank you for being this great

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