How To Analyze A Chess Position - Dr. IM Danny Kopec

These are the top 10 best shots?He is playing almost without effort but is really working HARD.This channel reminds me of the show 'how it's made'!Watched a DIRESTA video for the first time 3 weeks ago.

Please check out our channel.They're so harworking, talented, so creative, so passionate about music, have amazingwonderfulgreat personalities, such good manners.Probably best to temper it after hardening.Rhett and link are my all time favorites and they just so happen to be in this video as well.That was genuinely fascinating to watch.

Someone please answer for me Ne5 at 15:18.

Someone please answer for me Ne5 at 15:18.

That's impossible.Newest rendition of whyis this in my recommended.Good tip, but he kinda made me angry this how absolutely stupid he acted.Simply teach the lesson and don’t think of the camera.I am going to plagiarize your wheel design as I want a bigger hand wheel in my lathe.

Que bolo mais gostoso vou fazer sim aqui no Brasilbjus.At 10:09 fisher had game bishop takes pawn rook takes bishop queen takes rook king retreats queen moves diagonally to the left and Gg.Maskingpainters' tape5.You opened my eyes to Ivanchuk - what a gun.But they found it held tighter than a bulls sphincter in fly season.When you're curious about two things.1:44 so like, he just added the saw dust on top of the pieces once they were done right?I'm looking at making our own wedding ri gs because we can't find anything we both love, and is affordable.

Please give an other one.After 11:56 white moves the queen to G2.As someone who's only fully learned bubble sort, I think I'll have to try some of the more efficient ones here for sure.Is he getting paid to play ?The 1-d simplex is a line and the 0-d simplex is a point.He reminds me of Jonah Hill, who is also awesome.Check our Channel for Collab !Don't ever be ashamed of what you create, but also Keith you have more talent than you seem to think.Thank you for an in-depth explanation of what went on in your head, I personally learned a lot.

For one second there i saw a cockain line.Ur usin tension gambet 4:20 it is better than in white black is lightly rare.And yet here I am watching this video.Yaar main tho sirf 4 moves calculat kar shakta hoon Magar yeh tho Kamaal hai mera Saar Dard ho Gaya.As I watched, I thought I'm gonna note this down and pick up ideas from it, but you lost.Can you provide any information on that boardpieces?I followed your procedures and recognizes them all.Is that they screw bag you talked about in one of the podcast?4:50 kalau gajah ke E2 gimana bang.Kalau aku menilai kacau balau apa yg kau sampaikan itu.

Tom Dahmer

Great woodwork---excellent joinery.And great video editing.Do you offer plans?

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Daniel Andrade

Asking for the rook e8 move really showed this really was a beginner class.

Tony Montana

Wow !! That is the most amazing thing I've seen !!I want to make one now !!The issue with the epoxy, is it that you didn't use enough catalyst ??

Douglas oxoxoxoxo

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youre really a shop wiz has anyone ever told you that ? xD good vids man keep pumpin em out im rootin for yah. youre really passionate about this and I am too!!! your editing skills are flipin amazing! not to mention working while you do it. I got a hickory short bow in the works.

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Europe - final countdown?

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On a side note, the night time music is so nice, it made me feel sleepy

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