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Are the others even bigge?Hikaru, I will smack you in the nuts if you fuck up 1 more game where you are winning against Magnus,.There's always someone ready to kill dem, I mean kill hem.Sun: No one can copy my dopple gangersCupa: i cant but he canPolpol: marvel noises.

What was in the bottle?Ive learned, for me, the most important thing to never run out of is patience!Excellent effort though.Sony required quite a chunk of flesh from anyone who wanted to sell or, in the case of Radio Shack, resellrebrand Sony made Betamaxes.16 seconds isn’t a lot in over the board games.This comment due to the sick player mentioned in the suberb video above.Or it is just a miniscule glib difference between the world no.Plez make a switch version for TheDreadful Whispers.

You're very good!

You're very good!

He's got the economy up and running, and actually roaring, and he's doing everything he can to keep us safe.I need its extended version.Can someone have the musics used in this?Will that not work.It never ceases to amaze me how the "web" audience of anything has so many people who get so worked up about twiddly little stuff!If ya think being GM is cool.Go ahead, verify that it's true.They came out looking terrific.Don't cast someone in a bad light and be vague.

Man this guy is one sick bastard, n I think by now he must be dead meat.Well done BM, subbed.But Did You Just Say Use A Gallon Of Glue.I hope there are more developers in the future who try to fix the problems they see around them from a young age.Just NOT Forget that most of the land he conquered has his DNA cuz he Bang a lot of Wohman.

Sells an awesome

Sells an awesome

Most are plain ugly.You should make chairs to go with that dining table.I'vebeen building custom cabinets and furniture for 34yrs, never had or used any type of air suction system.Bhi jab aap dusra move chale to koi bhi apni kate ge nahi.Haven't ridden it in years, but I can't get rid of it because, you know, first love and everything :)Builder told me years later that they don't do those specific paint jobs anymore because it takes too much time.Omg that’s creepy, this guy was arrested on my 21st birthday.

As well as that

As well as that

Whats the music.Jeetendra plz tell me which video editing app do u use.Cant say any more then your a master at most things you do bud!Thank you for this (and ALLl) your very informative and inspiration videos!Karpov just grabs the pawn.From Dead Kid movie to here.Ned pronouncing balut as (ba-loot) is so funny to me, pinoy gang wya?

I was shit scared it

I was shit scared it

On 0:50 why black dont move his knight on a5?The opening in the first game is a nasty surprise which I have been using online for some time now.No excuses he talked major shit at the face off and GOT BODIED!Xd (ab c) is much shorter.Very good job, man.MY FAVORITE GUYS.One for content, and one for posting this outside of Twitch.Overkill on all the fancy expensive tools that aren't necessary.You spelt rameshbabu wrong.


I lamentably have to admit that I can and will never understand Chess at this level or even at any high level for that matter. However, I do hold great respect for individualswho can read another persons moves in advance up to 20 or greater. For all that even matters.... they could be speaking in french right now it wouldn't make a difference.

Volker Wendt

It's eezengard

Valentin Peralta

13:25 don't fuck me, that was pure luck xD

Vraj Dholakiya

Happy birthday gj thanks for sharing this video now i'm ready to face nakamura as he loves to play nimzo larsen

Noah Brown

Haha, screaming kid has grown on Ben... Also that one pause when he just goes "SIGH oh gosh"


2:49 what does FIRDAY mean

Katherine Niotis

Yeah you should do part two of the haunted chess game at Tom's house.

Oskar Koponen

Grischuk what are you doing!!!

Wow super.

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cai nay bao nhieu tien


sqrt-1 is i, why can't this be like m or something? the number line would be 3d!

Mohit Dev Chhattani

The Only way I sacrifice my queen is blunder then clumsily claim "Am just tryin' to be Tal, you're gonna see in this game" but inside I'm sobbing badly

Brilliant Chiew

What if black play e5 immediately2:53

Brian Calhoun

1:30:20 Hikaru's calculations are insulting him


Always assert dominance


11:02 Sir can we use this xyz=8 where x y and z greater then 2 and then we can use that nr-1 c r-1 formulae