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Aga: 'Do you think Magnus went for the easy draw or do you think he fought on like a champion?Hmm, will people play our current masterpiece video games like Skyrim, Fallout, Hitman or GTA in 100 years?  I think collecting supercars is it!Not even 13 year olds can do it lol perhapse the government is afraid that teen agers will start developing nuclear subs.

At 8:24 i think thats

At 8:24 i think thats

You still won 2 games to 2 with an IM and a GM against 2 GMs.Then the 'oceanslakesrivers' can be changed from brown to dark blue.I need to talk to you about some project let me know.I've never ate bonyes before.How the chess endin different ways.Woow, I can't believe he threw the CrO (.After you showed him the footage the garbage was moving.

What do you think?

What do you think?

Cool a movie length video of TOM MA BOY,YOU PEICE OF SHIT !Hey what if Oklahoma's panhandle was a seperate state.Created by the government and there child abuse Foster homes.The power YouTube wields over information dissemination is unbearable.Not sure why they are still a thing.This is the most beautiful chess board I've ever seen.Absolutely beautiful man, nothing like a custom cue.Let's be honest, nobody has that much trust on the intelligence of another human being.

Its very helpful.

Its very helpful.

Makes me want to work copper again.Morphy has never been beaten.Tip: you can buy slotted screws with round, flat, or pan heads!Every time he says bishop I have to think about russia.Wow, really beautiful work!

Rene Wild

After D4 Bxd4 Nxd4 Nxd4 Bg5D6 . That was played a 2000 player !Black position good.

Priyam D

I have not seen this lecture yet - reading comments first. So, it is a comment on comments and not on the lecture. (Terrible!) A typical GM Ben Finegold lecture is like a Gold mine (no pun). You need to sift tons of soil to get to a tiny Gold nugget. There is no other way to acquire Gold - unless of course you can afford to buy Gold coins from a Jeweler (i.e. Train yourselves by paying a GM). If you enjoy playing with the soil it is a bonus. I love his sojourns/ raids/ ambushes in different directions. His Chess insights are unparalleled. Most other channels talk a lot about Chess but are quite shallow/ restricted in sharing their insights. GM Finegold lecture is a class apart. Regards,


Found by accident...Already subscribed :)P.S. Love the music, I could listen to Jazz all the time


shame on The godfather reference

Save Candy

u re the best one for me in youtube

Robert Sparkes

Glad I fast forward to the end.Wasted little time figuring this is a word shop project not sledding.

Joseph D T

3:15:55 - hikaru becomes sheep

Andrew Niemerg

What was that capture at 8:21 ?

Giri Iyer

What about rook to fseven and then king to feight

Suman Kumar Sahoo

Is there any way to explain the "time dilation" , without the use of "length contraction" , which itself is quite confusing? And why the length has to be contracted for Stella? The formula is ok, but how do you explain it in reality?

Yash Bhargava (Student)

Amazing video! I enjoyed solving it.


watching this video on windows will curse your family for 7 generations


Derek. Please check out Stone Coat Countertops. There sell products made for this. They have videos showing this type of table.Next time.... try using their clear counter top coating for more depth and durability instead the brushed on polyurethane. if you want semi gloss instead of full shine, then just sand with 3000 grit or maybe 2500 grit to dull the shine. I happen to love the look of their glass like shine :-)my opinion, others will vary.

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Qu tuyt

Johnny Sins

8,88 to nie moe by przypadek, stuningowany szatan




O maluco do nada comea a gravar a cara dia outros

jamie g

Ned just looks better and better, he’s aging like the Cloon man

Sangeeta Srivastava

Queen to b8


My first language was Haskell, and it’s still my absolute favourite language. We had to learn Python as part of my course and I hated it

Greg D

I have only one guys are damn production and woodworking.