How Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Should Have Ended

I wish you all the best, to be happy in your life, with the ones you love, you worth it !Please answer im dying of curiosity.Seems like a sterno can on steroids I'm gonna have to make a couple of these now.So if there is extra terrestrial life it probably lives around stars we can't even see.

How many pancakes can u make with this recipe.Spoke very bad about a scottish chessplayer, who gave up an winning position ))).Hey Jerry, you still compete at any chess tournaments anymore?Thanks for sharing your experiences with this gear, the man in this link,-to have knocked together his own extruder and is producing 3mm filament with ease and much faster, for 3hrs he had 8 to 10 meters of the stuff on his workshop floor,also has made alot of parts to the build out of his reclaimed fillament and it looks preety good.Does is still work.

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Yasser Bob Ross.No respite for white.Watching this coz i got Cosmic Harmony in the chest for free.This is so cool.Vallaathoru movie aa manasin kulirma tharunna movie.

Josh Adrian

I have a question why do you need to do chess notation

Noob From PH

Pota manggagaya talaga ml ginaya si grimstroke sa dota copyrigth ml basura trash

Sg Meni

3 for 6

Tuhidul islam Mridul

sir, You are JS boss

Dave Ticehurst

With regards to your internal / external taper. If after cutting your internal one, you had left the compound slide where it was, run your lathe in reverse and with the same boring tool or another tool to cut on the backside, or keep the lathe running forward but have the tool upside down, your tapers would match exactly, without any trial and error fitting. Watch out too about standing pots of lubricant on your belt cover, it may not only slide off due to vibration, but it may also leave a stain ring on your paintwork. Final thought, I did not see it, but I am assuming that the drum is not permanently affixed to your mandrel ? just relying on friction between the 2 when you tighten the bolt. You have a fantastic friction fit with the mandrel in your lathe spindle ( hence you having to tap on the bolt to release it ) the clamping friction between the wheel and mandrel end is much lower. How about adding a mechanical one, i.e a key or a couple of small tack welds ? Great job and thanks for the shout out about Mr Pete.


What happened at the very end of the game? Did magnus win?


Trump 2020

Stew Meat

12 b lack chips? 10 dude 10


"She played really well though" - For a player who gets a free queen every game.

The Real PyroManiac

58:00, move E4 to E5, then Queen check, win the rook

Louis Chakramakal

To all those dumbfucks who don't even know chess and watch this

Isabella Efkarpenis

The explanation wasn't super outlandish and crazy like most of the other riddles which is nice


I used to regularly steam bend white oak for the construction timber hulls and the gunnels of GRP hulls. We find air-dried timber of around 15 -20% is best for planking but we often use green oak of a year old thereabouts for gunnels. Sadly we don't do so much boatbuilding these days in France