HOKI COBA MAGIC CHESS SOLO YOLO [Mobile Legends Indonesia/Youtuber Anime]

So painful to watch.Hi, I've got a problem when I die and click play, everything works fine except my bird doesn't reset back to its original position it just stays on the ground.Sorry I don't have a Facebook acct.That intro actually made me gag, thanks Alan.You know you forgot a sail boat and ring of smoke from that pipe, letalone not to mention "naar-CO-teen" insteadof what you have.What about in video games?I expect to follow your sequences and make one table for me.Without further ado,let's check it out!

I use them

I use them

If ever there were a sex offender in the making, it’d be him.Suggestion Duda-Artemiev in Round 5 of Tata Steel Masters.1:28 so he’s Canadian ?How can i buy these iot stock?I've been searching for a long time the logic in the repartition of the numbers around the dart target, is it an answer ?Is that of any significance?Over protection of important square is inner prophylaxis.Plz plz plz bro.

I must say, that pawn

I must say, that pawn

The sick kid sniffing into the mic every five seconds is brutal.This is amazing.3:57:00 breaking moment with good Music.Abee why did he resign please help me to know please anyone i think match could be draw as he could kill pawn and than anand would kill his knight than it can be draw because it so difficult to checkmate with rook and king please anyone reply.Where is Substance Painter.I think the test should carry out in all areas of affairs, sure as, test should carry out before anyone enter the shops,hospital, train station, airports, before boarding the aircraft and as soon as they arrived the aircraft.And, yes, she sued McDonald's and her husband's former employer, Babcock Wilcox, for $5 million.Your method is good but there are better ways of doing it which will ensure quality end product.Fan team fortress 2 day.

)I understand letting the project

)I understand letting the project

Bat kasi walang SKIP yung commercial ni pia?Very niceand its a request plz start python series.After the game my opponent said that he knew that the Evans gambit was bad so had not really bothered to learn the lines, so I got several tempi and lots of development for an attack which forced him to give up a knight.Min 5:40 you can't castle when rook or king are threatened.You do such a great job of condensing so much in a 20 minute video.The YT algorithms are distorted in some way, and I think it's reasonable to expect, in fact it's inevitable, that one day good people will be the victims of such algorithms.Ehm and the one for yhe sneaker.I knew about the Euler line and the points that lie on it. Were there options besides.

Thanks for sharing.WHATS UP WITH THAT?I recently switched from civil engineering to web development.I was pretty sure Magnus was going to check.5:58 why not capture the rook.And now, you're a professional.White cannot play g3 coz of Qxg3.Before, it is slightly unpleasant to defend.Engineering-and-science.3:50 knight is getting cut by rook as well.

Great game and analysis, John!

Great game and analysis, John!

Who could pay you for your effort on these pieces?Dont we need to add water to the pan?I'm not sure if when the Dubov he's gaming, singing too.No wonder, its owned by google.Beer is made by men, wine by god.They are most beneficial when you almost always move them two squares.From the above video it appears he is seeing about 10 moves ahead, am I wrong?1:51:53 that sound.


hara hua game jeer Gaye .

Ashton Grist

This is halarious. His wife is helping him.

Denis Charbonneau

- " I can't move !, I CAN'T MOVE !!! " (Amonatov)- " Come on, play anything... " (Carlsen)- " Can i put two pieces on the same square please ? " (Amonatov)- " You want a DOUBLE checkmate ??? " (Carlsen)- " O.K. i resign.... Booo ! " (Amonatov crying.)

ErKa ScaZuchi

i didn't know chess was originally 2D game

The Garish Goy

"C4 is explosive you know" Oh Finegold

Burself HD

stuart houselander

I believe it was Alexander The Great who when presented with the Gordean Knot ( excuse spelling ) , drew his sword and slashed the knot in two. I can imagine his passing remark may have been something like, " fuckin pathetic are you serious "


Looking forward to learning about the Muzio!

Clive Oldfield

Beautiful work Pask...as always, doing a binge watch on your older stuff...your professional work never fails to impress...definitely one of the best woodworking channels on yt

Manoj Dwivedi

A lesson in move enforcing ... Anand is playing like himself of yester years' ... absolutely new variation to be seen after a long time .

Yamina Timezi

I didn't know that the black hole can die

Mark Nagy

It was sad to hear of Gyula Sax passing away.I had studied many of his games over the years.Enjoy your knowledge and humor Ben!Wish there was a book on him.


I absolutely love watching top players playing over the board blitz.  This was truly a treat. THANKS