Bahut hi shandar.I'm waiting until it's warmer out and then building a chess board, I already made the pieces!I wish I could jump into the background picture, and then walk through the night field as the moonlight shines on me.



Or you can use a scroll saw also."These 2 goats, and they are in fact goats - I have confirmation they are goats" - Agadmator 2018.You said that board was POSSIBLE.Further highlights how incredible Fischer’s 6-0 results in the 1971 Candidates were.Maybe not that fair though since he cheated to get there.

So the expectation and the pressure were to big to stand it!Did you not see it when it happened?My first dove tail joints, were with a handsaw, and a chisel.I got enough information to build the project myself and it was delivered in a very thought out, artistic way.Didn't your admiration for this guy just skyrocketed?

Just say bro it's your move.Really, Winky, that is an awesome shirt.You didn't say "Hello Everyone".They knew he lost.The little dudes trying to Jedi mind trick the old dude, or he’s really into thought on his next move.Great desk tidy (caddy, here in the US).What superb craftmanship.

10:32 Jayblac’s face says it all.Beautiful piece, great work.Great addition John.I love watching your games a lot, but if you sip another drink while giving a lecture I will lose it.How tall are you bro dam!Thanks for the video.Also, Kevin can I suggest you pick up the pace a bit in your presentations.How much is the price of this sehssboard?

This was honestly such a good episode.Or for 2 four fingered hands base 9.Wow this series is awesome.Can you tell me the name of this in Arabic and were can i found him please.In my mind it doesn't necessarily correlate.

Why do I feel like lvl 2’s accent was fake, or at least exaggerated?Search YouTube for tutorials on ammonia bending.What machines do use for cutting drilling hole can you name it plzz.Therefore I have taken a Step,small for a Human beeing,BUT great for HUMANITY.That towel really feckin hurt.

Martin Lindop

You know nothing, John Snow!

Kelly Baker

Omg wot amazing video

Mandar Savarkar

Why does Ivanchuk always look Super Stressed and Super tensed....?? i have never seen him smile,.....!! :))


Might wanna buy a laptop with an integrated webcam



W. Johnson

I'm grateful that I have a loving and caring mom.

Pujith Gabrielle

My mind be like:thinking how to play chess after complete watching

Levi Nies

At 13:46 after g5 isnt it maybe an idea to play Rd5 to grab the two kingside pawns, then sac the rook for the a-pawn and try to push the 3 connected passers with a knight?

The World Of Films

Wazeer kitne step aage ja skta hai

Nirvana Girl

People are commenting on they heard don’t leave’ pretty sure i heard a mans voice about 10.59 say go away’


Thank you for doing these videos. I only found you because of Keith Rucker's channel. I'm interested in learning wire inlay but after watching this video I tried to find where to buy the wire and couldn't find it on eBay or Amazon. Don't know where else to look.

Jphn Tumorsky

How to make play chess online

Hobo Boxcarro

Sayit AsItIsNow I'm trapped into watching computers being fixed and I'm 82Gives me Hope! I will be 70 nexy Thursday, Dec. 12, 2919.

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0:38 Big Attention1:48 Footwork2:26 Powerful Forehand Flick5:18 Spin Forehand Flick7:56 Spin Flirt Flick9:28 No Spin Flirt Flick11:03 Tactics In Real MatchDon't forget to SUBSCRIBE our channel for the goal 100.000 sub until June 2020 Love you all <3

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E ngh a nn xem li pha vui

Eric Russell

Truly a monster and truly a piece of shit

Kenneth Bucsko

Funny i was looking at my board for 20mins trying to figure this one out....and at 3:40 right before you showed one solution...i got the answer on my board. This was a fun one.