Hi-Tech Futuristic Chess Board [TECHNOLOGY] [WATCH NOW]

I just came across your video in 2019 and I'm thinking about purchasing 3 refurbished R710's from Newegg to teach myself virtualization.And nobody to share them with.The video gives a good hint about the out-of-the-box thinking approach as well.Pawn takes knight, pawn takes pawn, rook takes pawn, then rook takes rook.The end is so dramatic.

Excellent game analyze!It means that you already using other digits, isn't it?Nice Restoration.Love your work and your jokes !They look really sharp!Even at 10:45 - Dd6.12:35 screaming at my computerQh6 anything Qg7mate in two!"You can't take pawn moves back" No shit!

When you look at the

When you look at the

Wich red colour u used?101194z4life he messed up.THE KING AND QUEEN IS ON THEE WROUNG SIDE.The pieces move way too slow."taking math out of woodworking"literally just 15 minutes of geometry.

Chess all over I’d rather see JC vs John John over either of them battling Surf!This is what are called intelligent minds.Who is reigning champion of hnefatafl?Tones of support from Washington State.Need to try out other support methods.

Great "Slow-Motion-Mate" Mato.Makes me wonder why I bother to make sawdust.Sir you also have good skillsAnd when I am playing it many times I see every where person become chess.Bet its to democrats.I want one haha that was amazing!Imagine trying that with Fischer!Best chess coach.The nerve to think anyone will be interested in reading your drivel.

The milk hack actually works

The milk hack actually works

I really liked the bit at the end about the way the wood appeared to change color with the different angles.Luckily I told my male friend how I felt and I’ve felt better since then.We all know he can beat anybody even drunk and short of time.Instead of eating crackers peanutbutter sandwiches and apples oranges and bananas.I read the books since i was eight and now i’m 16.

Misal langsung adu mentrinya.

Misal langsung adu mentrinya.

Damn he's like dr.In the last puzzle why don't we play rook to E8 then black has to capture and then we play queen to g5 and then whatever black do we play queen to g7 checkmate.Square Off board can be summed up in one word.Was really nice.Unique and 1 of a kind.What should I do to make smooth as yours?Nice edit bro, very entertaining!Interesting concept.

William Biggs

Next, Matt will stack dominoes to calculate

Kaiser SwagHelm II


Alan lencina

9:07 if magnus moves the pawn that was near the king forward, he already won because Vladimir couldn't eat it because the tower was there and then magnus traded the pawn for the lady and won

Cavite Air Rifle Sniper

Nice Bro Good Ideas! God Bless Everyone! Thanks For The Tips!


Who the hell has given those dislikes

Greg's Garage

Just to make sure your skills aren't declining, you should tilt all the shelves at 7 degrees for the next one.


kleopl is lvl1?

Jeff Israel

I like your comments on options but wish you'd slow down a tad otherwise my brain goes into overload. But still thumbs up.

king tater tot

morse code

King Shango Sound

Great mix

F Vids

Very nice


Good luck. He has 20 years to progress as well

ThatCreepy Fellow

Wow are those people holding hands at the top??

Sam Sam

Is no one going to tell Nola that Ashley is actually Emily?

Kallen Hunstiger

Nobody commented on the new truck. Too bad you got the Italian made diesel engine.