Hikaru Nakamura vs Wesley So : London Chess Classic (2016) · Gruenfeld Defense

Too many concepts in one video.How did to copy paste the top panel ( orange coloured Login ).Mofos Got These Lo-Key PC etc Views But Remy Yo.

C2 line, you said Rd1 doesn't work because white can play Rff1, but black can play.Skript your videos man, it's just a rambling mess.Felt dumb when finally saw paw equal knight.The only way I'm castling queenside is if I'm playing against a Sicilian defense.

I won a pinewood derby way back in 1962 by drilling a hole in the body and adding lead from melted wheel balance weights to get the car to the maximum allowable weight.Wait it's wrong duda.Right from the start I can tell you that you are wrong.First he gave me a time of 1 hour to solve still couldn't get the answer.U r a great masterchef love ur recipies.But after some pausing and analysis I caught up again.Shadow figure 14:10 right in front of you squatted down.

Very cool,I really like the

Very cool,I really like the

That hose is a hydraulic hose from the looks of it, it should run a lot of pressure.Hence, give physical meaning to the equation with unities.It seems very dangerous to me.But can it run Crysis?Just started playing again after 45 years." A very nice increase of my own vast knowledge ".According to Google's documentation, AlphaZero "can achieve, tabula rasa, superhuman performance across many challenging domains.Thanks again john for the instructive vids!

Haha 5:44 they both think at the exact

Haha 5:44 they both think at the exact

I was always wondering if we didn't hear you speak was because you sounded like Mike Tyson, guess I was wrong!Great teachings thank you.Everything is right about this dish.The Tiger is clearly hungry for Norwegian meat.I've watched so many of your videos that when I hear my mum talk I wonder where she got her accent from.I've binge watched all your episodes from the Borax wagons, water wagon, am now watching the remainder of your videos.

Bruce Schneider

Beautiful table! Wyatt's a riot.

Taylor Parsons

ok but can we have another myth please?

tuan izzah

Time given each player 1:40:30 so eventually it is like sitting there watch a cinema


The commentary about how entry conditions reduce fairness more with some dice are why rollers are rather less popular.Sometimes role playing games ask you to roll a d6 and give you results based on a 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6 - rather than even mentioning the 3 sided roller that's effectively a d3 because rollers are pretty easy to control.d5 is done by doing the same thing with a d10, which itself is not ideal, but works well enough that it's not usually worth halving a d20.There's also the fact that you can only put so many dice in the standard polyhedral set without getting ridiculous.7 dice is plenty to keep track of at some point, you'll start intimidating newbies.


Every now and then I come here and listen to this particular track to feel secure, and for a little while I feel like I'm a 10 year old kid reading the first books under my blanket with a flashlight because I was supposed to be asleep for school the following day. I want that moment back.

Rich Waight

Thanks for the tips! :) Good video

Ian Sonneborn

I do believe if you remove Carlson’s scalp the wires and computer chips will show

Andres Maldonado

Muy buen video me sirvi mucho

Lucas Lima

The Game Jam after the vacations...

Jarod Heap

It recommends Hikaru to play the English.... lol

Priyanka Halder

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Maa niezwyka stolarnia

Hi. Yea well its best chess board handmade I have seen till now. I like yours shop.

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Pranav Soni

1:46:13 Cap'n Jack: "Drink up me hearties yo ho"

Lexie Neda

You are great! Your tools are also great!I use hammer and nails...haha

Raghuveer Dubagunta

"Either he is the biggest genius in the world or this is just weird". Yes he is a the biggest genius in the world .

Roberto Figo

refuse a draw with the king in the center was a suicide!!!

Jose Ibarra

More like Danny DeVito

Groer Maik

Maybe strong coffee aroma?