Hikaru Nakamura vs Computer Deep Fritz 11, Chess Blitz On Playchess.com

I like the sweetie!I wonder if those pics of Pluto are in 3D and can be watched with a VR-headset?At 5:38 why did Nakamura play Nxb7 then Bxb7, rather than the other way round which would’ve led to a fork on Magnus’ king queen?He's talking about different numbers of times that interest is paid (n): 12 (monthly for a year), 365 (daily for a year), and so on.I wish you much success.It came out great!

Really fun game to watch.

Really fun game to watch.

I would love to see this game in Max Vision.Verysmart, a beautiful piece of furniture.That was a lot of fun.Thank you very much sir!It seems like it would help preserve the detail and keep the epoxy from penetrating the grain.The thing is, as 1800-1900s, we might laugh and cringe at the moves these lower rated players make, but Im sure if even an FM or IM watched our games, they would cringe at some of the moves we make.

Nag duet kami ng kapatid q sa pag iyak.You give insight into the battlefield.S Titanic,is nearly 5 feet long by 6 inches wide and more than 1,300 finely detailed plastic,resin,white metal,and photoetched partsto further enhance the detail of the model.I really don't even want to write an expression, and just plainly say: With geometry, we see that 12 sticks are making 4 squares, each with 4 sides, for a total of 16 sides.You two do a great job on these videos.

I love your bench design and the two tone color scheme was great!I don't know if I think the idea of ganging up on the d4 pawn.Kurang terarah dalam penjelasannya.Wow awesome i can not do that!Nicely done, Mate.The W at 3:44:40 was clean af.I don't know woody harrelson can play chess.You played well!

All elements of non-living things in the Universe are having two functional behavior of minus and plus and require activation to perform its time limit function.Love your Corgi.So I just bought my first lathe, And I’m just gonna start puttering I know a fair amount about joinery so down the road I might be able to do something like you did!No hand hold in the middle?Best chess channel on YouTube!Would I make it?The (S)crooge constant.

Anthony Brown

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Alphabet Soup

Great job. I love precision work and you nailed it.

Ali Saad

puzzle 2, 1. be8 kxe8 2. qf7?


It has no mass to do it

Hell Me

nyce tutorial saved my day..

Thomas Stewart

It looks absolutely beautiful!Great Job RnB :)) Thank you for the videos.


Do you get commission each time you use the word SCARY

Dreaded Kitty

Today I think tom looks older. They're very close but Bert comes across young because of the way he acts. And Leanne sounds awful.

Andrew Mendieta

This was awesome! Would love to see you analyze the other two games.


I like what you do but, your table saw guard is only useful when you’re not sawing wood. I take its a circular saw, and you’ve screwed it to a bit of wood?

Aladeen Nazaroff

I told you Magnus: don't play with Uzbek kids lol

LucioManuel Montecarpio

nakaka iyak nman to oh

Anubhav Joshi

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Michael Harrington

but you cant change the light if theres a problem like this. Such a shame to have to toss the entire thing in the future.