Herman Steiner vs NN: California 1945

A lecture is of how much duration.Everyone is different.In my opinion pure modern chess, and a lot of theory.Therefore, on the fourth day we expect to have 6 successful trees.Family and wood.I think it evoked an emotional response because Picard's family just died in a fire, that coupled with the analogy of time registered as a metaphor for picard.

How did you manage to get it without the music overlay?Can't wait to try this!7:25 - (White knight C3 takes black knight on D5?How the fuck did I know zach was gonna win?THIS GAME SUCKS.You spoke for half the fucking video dude.Very nice of you to help others.

Which software is being

Which software is being

Send friend requests: chess.Both grandmasters giving the reasons for moves and plans as each game progresses.Galing nila sharlyn idol sana more palabas k pa po idol.I am curious, a duel jaw vise like this is $100 brand new, were you doing this for money, your own use, for a youtube video or for fun?WAITER : HEAR IS YOUR STAKE SIR,ADAG : YOU BETTER CASTLE.Is there a way as an european to download the plan?I simply mark two dots where I want the cut, clamp the shooting board down which already accounts for the blade position and cut away.You could hear the passion in his voice with every new world record he achieved: "fuCK YES".

Damn you sound sexy af.

Damn you sound sexy af.

"I'm an amature" hahahaha!The life straw is for Water, dirty water, not soda, your using it wrong.5:45 I’m Italian.Keep up the good work.James Burke, the BBC Science presenter, made a great series many years ago on how the advances in technology were dependent on the previous technologies.He is just a man (maybe his friend, or someone), his son - Igor.

I watch other youtubers videos

I watch other youtubers videos

Keep up the good work!Lets go radjabov!Joints are held fast using face frame screws.Made in Poland and out of plantation wood and child labor free.Unlike a chess board, though, with a big enough board (metro areas) she can eventually come back (say in 10 years) to her original metro area because by then there will be a new set of suckers to be had.Each time I think life is coming back, it just dies again.Thanks for an amazing six videos (so far) covering this match!I love your channel.Halloween gambit.

I usually like watching chess vids

I usually like watching chess vids

You mention the bishop taking the D-pawn being suspect but that's what was being played in the video you posted yesterday with lasker.80 years ago things had to be built to try if it worked.Very informative.Zion didn't say OR imply none of this trash Skip selling.I think a lot of these companies, Sony, Philips, etc.The game is very weak at chess and it gets boring in 2 hours.Looks like many posting here have suggested this may not be the resounding game GM Yasser says, but I'm thinking law of avg's he is a better judge then we.Of course it happens.No wonder Sauce wanted to see the results again - he wasn't watching the first time 23:40.


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I got 11 right. Its a mirror


How do I put it delicately

Derrick Hughes

your the best Moe Sargi

Loyal and Faithful

hey mate, when the wife said "get a hobby" she was speaking figuratively . . . . .


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Black Death has no mercy !

Truth Money Freedom

don't sell your mouse art off cheap ..... it's surely worth half a mill

Solldema Baden

Soviets nomore excist. And if you think Russians are the most clever people on this planet, i need to disappoint you as well. Everyone knows that the most clever people obviously are the germans and the chineses

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mohammed al-aufi

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Marcio Fernando Barci

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Division could have been a game with amazing story... The lore behind the story is fantastic...


I like your calmness and creativity, what you make is great, man

Stave K

John is such a mood!! In every single lie detector video that I've watched, he makes the content x100 better! He needs his own channel!

bahram sarvian

It’s a great job and the error can easily be rectified. I’m sure he’s expert enough to fix that!

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Great clip, brings back memories of the good old Amiga days. However,the background music you added is something I can do completely without - it spoils the original's mood.

Frank Marquardt

Hallo Mario, sieht wirklich super aus, klein aber fein )

Micha G

Magnus seems to look old on this video...am I wrong?