Hayabusa Aggressive Gameplay, The King of Ninja [ Top 1 Global Hayabusa ] Lexi BARBIE

I think something very important is missing here.Some of those are really mean why I tho you guys are great.I love how there is no sawdust anywhere.That music just made me daydream, the video was a bit too fast to follow fully, but it was a lovely 10 minutes accompanied with some loving craftsmanship.

I was wrong, Duvob will

I was wrong, Duvob will

I decided to try this problem.They are NOT allowed to castle if it will put the king in check.But no problem "Castle, Castle, Captur, Capture" No Problem now.Don’t worry Ben, I got the Tombstone reference.Your living the dream brah.Oh its a glitchy ender dragon now I get why.Who ever made that is completelywrong.The only way to get an edge sharper then either Scary Sharp, or your friend with the expensive stones is by stropping it on leather.

I would not subscribe to Brilliant

I would not subscribe to Brilliant

Agad looking like an American firefighter in this video.And what panels!That is some beautiful craftsmanship.So you mean theres only 64 grains of sand in the world?Qd8,Bc8,Nc6,Rg6,Ne7 triple attack.The mistake is that it equals to 0.It's incredible."You know the queens are very important to chess"9 year old immediatly takes his queen.Who else is here from the Worlds fastest chess match.What are your thoughts on the gloves you wear?

It's my mother tongue so

It's my mother tongue so

My queen is out of play.Really coollittle knife.Or you could not design the room this ridiculously bad.Thanks, Mato for another terrific analysis!  I turned off the lecture before it even started.That is extremely impressive!

Martina Joanne Gonzales

Imagine if the next time was The Try Guys build a house without instructions


A lot of crap. Not new, not interesting and mostly not IoT. Dislike.

Mike Miller

"ZDF" = "Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen" = Second German Television, about the second channel of BBC if there is something like this in UK.

Vctor Hugo Ramrez Delgado

The last movement, Be1, is beautiful.


Of cours we're different from Britain. We were not savage, even 500 years ago.Kiss from a french guy :p

whatthe Fanfic

i made business cards that read "Anglo-Saxon really smart dude" now. No regrets.


king and queen are switched around. but this is great.

Cheeky Fest

I learnt this piece on the piano 25 or 30 years ago. I never thought of it, or analysed / recognised it in that 'simple' way til I watched this video.

nhun l

thi lan tui vs lim

Chris Bystroff

Very impressive!

dylan NOTOMA

Cruel sun


3:40 you definitely stole Bill Wurtz style here, please at least cite him or something

pino silvestre


Some Dude

euler has left the chat

Augustus Flaccus

very good game. sometimes I think how exactly the development of the pieces could give me an advantage, but after a position like 7:24 it gets pretty clear


8:17 is what you need

Zito Keratin

Why on 2:54 doesn't the black queen take the pawn on e5 instead of retrieving the knight?


6 months later and harrelson is still a crud......

Liam Savage

now I want to eat a cookie


looks worse than the original

Yoran Weertman

an interesting thing i noticed is if you take the open one and place another chessboard next to it, you can connect the two and copy the first one perfectly. i wonder if this is always the case.

Odee Headbanga

annoying intro

Zack Brumis

Sacrilege using beautiful walnut for cutting board

AW - 08CK - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)

i didnt get one but at least my fav youtuber got it )