HALOSAR JAAL/TRAP Ultimate queen sacrifice to win in 9 moves

How did i get here?WOW si hiro pala.How to update software in Mobile?It looks quite feasible with hand tools.Don't know why they'd still charge him with Arson tbh.Good games review,a lot of things to learn from, thank you very much for sharing.QG7, and the game was over.Where do you buy your materials?

Good better best.Knocking over your drink at SBs was "the most embarrassing thing that ever happened" to you?Yeah I haven't tried to memorize the digits of Pi yet.SetLocation(this.If I like to fall asleep, I listen to your monotonous voice !Our Northern Areas needs more young men like you!Sir please chess gamplay live.

Isliye Tal ko magician bolte the.What is the difference?Got to change my GPU o wait!Why are people suggesting that you make a running engine?Bantu subscribe dong youtube channel kakang aceep.Ako nalang ikakasal ni kiwit.10:12 why wouldn't you take the knight with bishop h5.Seriously, I wonder why so many people dislike a video like this.This helps me from explaining filament to a new person who is starting to print.I can hear Picard now.

Yasser Jerry would be champion's league.WHO is useless you must be all infected s you called it pandemic.What will happen next?Really nice content.Working alone means working smart!He's also handsome.I'm from Germany and I'm happy for any of your answers!Mathematicians had twitter account,Man why do they have to write cancer emoji.

This factor must not be

This factor must not be

Sanding always removes more than you want try scraping with a paint scraper or just a single edge blade.Quit hatin and give that dude his props.Only wish I have is that you would show us some regualar javascript without the p5 thing.I've been doing wood working for over 50 yrs and it bothers me to see people using their table saw with out the guards in place.Gull Gull Mazigar.Please whats that powder whichyour spread oniron ?Grownup Bastard.Both sides are likely to lose their minor pieces at some point, and the picture seems quite drawish afterwards to me.


Fascinating to watch but is there another video showing things like, how you fill the dovetailed wear removing and repairing handles and what wood was used to replace parts?

Sally Pasawilan

One thing you forgot is when you move your king once you can't castle anymore

Charles Crawford

When was the World Champion before MC with such a luxuriant beard?

Shumbu K

at 1:13:23 why can't Duda play Nxe6 with Ng5 after.. or Nxc7 ?

Saneesh John

Award Padam ezhuthunave kondu screenplay ezhuthicha ingane irikkum


Always Ben the legend!!!!

Tristan Peters

It was awesome seeing all the 3D printers at Maker Faire! That was my senior trip this year and I saw you around the trains. I liked Filament PM giving out free filament samples and the Monoprice booth had a new DLP printer that was interesting.


I have those chairs

ahammed yeasir

Traversy Media ............

Srinivas Mamidi

12:53 qxb7

Just Tube24

Cool but it's not Tanto

dhruv joshi

1:46:47 what if white play b5?

jaagup toompuu

You sir are an artist and it is an absolute pleasure to watch. Thank you for sharing your skills with us!

Nick Pateman

Unfinished product.Certainly not worth 650

Albert Sanvura

Sorry that's not a c

Ricky Mondin

Don’t really know if it’s a new generation thing or not, I know I’m in my late 30’s, but I’m so glad hand made stuff is still here! Amazing work Mike, especially in a day and age where everything is mass made in fully automated factories!

ROBEN Majumder

There's no questionnor answerfor the word 'God'.It varies from man to man and so people are termed as theists and atheists. If the whole word didn't believe in God then the whole world would have been atheist and if not then thiest.Hence,it'sa revolutiontill the end day of earth.

joe fowler

Just found your channel, really well made door that! Just out of interest, where abouts in yorkshire are you? Im in Sheffield.

Gabi the depressed girl

It is impossible for a human to not blink for that long it doesn't even look like he's breathing half the time

Benz Salarzon

Pagbutihin mo pa lalo..may future ka bata.