Gutfeld: The side that's having the most fun tends to win

Caffeine was ass.What it would be like, had some figures we know today, had never risen.23:25 Aman trying Persian dance!Gagaling ng mga actors and actresses.

I've been waiting for 2 years for them to ship my board from kickstarter.Bare stone walls and floor look coldbecause we all know how they absorb heat, but when most of the castles were lived in, the floors and walls were not bare.Lol im just joking, but nice cutting board.Dude, immedietly subscribed.

I was really thinking.Awesome but how can we make so that whenever something like a bullet hits the player the HP bar will go down.Black should play 3.What's up with the resigning thing?Got that OB 1 shaft huh.

Something Machinisty - YES!

Something Machinisty - YES!

Eric is a boss, but cmon man.Fantastic tutorial, thanks so much!Hi my advice is watch python tutorial videos, get overwhelmed, then watch it again, take broad category notes, then a PDF tutorial and make yourself a cheat sheet,than make a program that helps you program in that language coded in that language.Ben really padding the time in this one.Much appreciated and congrats again on a work of art.Chess novice here.You all should consider that Magnus won this while he was drinking.Is the dude 1:43 only eleven?Did the little midget win?

Very entertainingcreative as usual!

Very entertainingcreative as usual!

22:42 Adam just realized how cool this shit actually is.Who else though he was making an actual dart board.Put it on lela 0 to see is % evaluation.I like to sacrifice my king.(With highlight to allowed tiles)Hint where to look, please) (sorry for english if i wrote wrong anywhere).Sustaining only on beer.There is a center point where the clamp shuts fully and flat Or pulls along end price.Awesome video man!We appreciates u the whole team even u lose.King can attack bishop if he attempted skewer.

Just throwing it out

Just throwing it out

I think he could be big in this gameI know he is the best player in the world and surely from history.How much is one of these?The reason why he was playing below his rating is because in lichess you start off rated in like the 1000 bracket.Man you got a guft.Get well soon and upload please.

Spends hours working hard on that box and in classic fashion you do a very dads half assed wrapjob haha dont we all.Professional Table Tennis Players as just.For gd c the game to you and you can play it all day haha haha was a good morning and you were just like the man you are and I don’t have %%%zrdtdz.He looks like the poster child for high school anti bullying campaigns.Wtf is that game at the end?Actually if you make it here I'll buy more than one.

They encourage and create violence, with their taunting harassing instigating behavior.Like in the candidates now, if Houdini was also part of it, without of course the possibility of qualifying.Why do i see gold underground in minecraft then?That will take the flex out of the the back panel around the 4 holes.May i have a McMurder please?Hello in 1:56 he can also move queen to b6 right.None of this is true.Great video thank u soo much, it helped me a lot.Love how he debriefs with young guy post-game.

Sanjay Sodha

B6 ruk

Igor Shtein


Charee pacariem

kuya jm balik tambalan na ulit kayu ni charee ohh plss lang po. miss na miss kona tambalan niyo


why carlson win?

John Hu

Roberto Barbosa

your mom


who won though ..


Very nice, please show more Paul Morphy.

The Internets

The mantle shelf looked great but that's the weirdest place to put a fireplace I've ever seen.




Is camera grandmaster?



Alexandru Macedon

that brick was a pizza? :))))))

Martin Kitchen

Damn I enjoyed that just short of a little bit of narration.



Nandani Lakhani

which cream chesse should we use ????/

M.k Art's em biscuit

Muito bom exelente trabalho


Most acids can be neutralized with rubbing alcohol which may help when cleaning it after you bleach it! Beautiful work! I just found your channel and am excited to see more!