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You missed something about castling.Not bright enough.I got that you have 8 shift registers, but how the microcontroler understands, lets say: Q1 was triggered in the 2nd shift register and not the 7th instead?India is producing grand master at an alarming rate.He looks likes cryng.Chinese Romeo and Juliet.

Sox12321x 123219.Carpenter, Welder, builder, machine operator, WTF !Give a man a bag of paperclips, and he will own the world.Seems to me the mistake is in the first step.I have nothing compared to you and I'd still whoop you at creating something.Sir very good idea,but v can start cutting from Z positive to Z nagtive is there any problem?I guess it was because most pictures were taken from a distance and you didn’t see them.Man these guys are great.

You're directing your issue in the wrong place.

You're directing your issue in the wrong place.

Magnificent craftsmanship !Apple is for non computer enthusiasts ie dumb people.Excelent work, and thanks for sharing.37:16 It bothers me how the "6" in that one tube in the top left doesn't work.Alireza getting masterclass from the chess Gods.I won the tournament tho :D.That was a great job you did on that dresser.This was awesome.A little knowledge goes a long way.The new board is great.

Is it wrong to want to spend an

Is it wrong to want to spend an

Would you please make the moon as a lamp like this?You don't need a haircut, it's winter.Whats the name of the song ?That last game against GM Arka50 at 1:58:27 :D.Jazz is great and it moves you rhythmically, rock, etc.

Re6 is an indication that black is losing any plan, cause it just places another piece on that long diagonal.I edited my comment after I actually read the pinned comment and saw that more detailed videos are on YT and for that we should always be gratefulbecause seeing skills like these makes life richer.I'd recommend making a cover for that blade on the next one, make the blade retractable inset the heads of those screws.I like this game actually it takes chess into a whole new isn't over till the skinny lady sings lolp.I am finishing up assembling my first table saw on Thanksgiving and hope to build the miter saw station in December from the plan I purchased from you this summer but never found time to tackle.And their children were with lesser nobility, who also got the best that life has to offer.I literally LOVED the teacher.For this reason I'm really grateful that there are such educational videos like this one brought by British Council!I hope there aren't any bugs in water :).

 the opening was chessbrah (hansen)

 the opening was chessbrah (hansen)

A roundabout requires new bridges, etc.So arrive 1 hour early then only to find out you can’t check into your flight because check-in counter closes 1 hour before your flight time.Loki: No, not everything.Awesome sharing.I like it so much.Hi jerry the only thing i found instructional in this video is the g4 pawn move.Too bad we haven't seen any uploads recently from Mr ChessEdge :(.

That way, you

That way, you

While watching this I want to kick them man.From Malaysia watching in Manila.All that work you do, can pay off.Suggestion if you could show clock along the board side, it would be awesome.What a story life.A deal breaker could be the display is only 720p.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Minneapolis Minnesota tool show!


what was 1:20 about?


Lol, so sweet the 15 seconds when she realises it's over :p

Eric Kangas

Wonderful commentary and analysis, thanks!!

Todd Z

I'm new to the world of metalworking lathes, and I've been watching scores of videos relating to the subject, including a number of your (very funny!) videos.This is the first one I've seen that was not closed captioned for the benefit of those of us who can't hear as the topic of grinding tools for cutting metal is an important one, I have a feeling I'm missing out on some critical info that the visuals can't quite capture.Can you please run this video through the captioning process, Tony?Thank you!

Rusty Shackleford

That beat or bettee known as a beat pulse is how we tune our guitars. Once the beat pulse stops you know your strings are matched up in frequency

soumii soumss

I think you made a mistake in the video when showing quantity of sugar.. its written half tsp


you need to music in the background of the videos

si Akai

lol moskov

The jupiter

Wow. One defeat after playing 62 games against other masters?!! Sam Shankland is truly a worthy US champion.

Maaz GhaZanfar



You keep telling yourself that


Hello Anna, your videos are great but a little bit too long


I come for the chess and stay for the dog!!

Abh Ghu

Stunning composition ...


Mal got the ronah?

Peter Mason

I have tried to get a resolution to an issue with my navigation not communicating with my autopilot at zero cross track error. Cross track error is the off course deviation from an ideal track. I came to the conclusion that the closest the error could be would be one planck unit from zero and this point is many orders of magnitude smaller than a boat molecule. I then had a problem because this seems to give zero a sub planck existence.Anyone wish to comment?

Sewon Kim

43:17 49:33

joshua xin

snake[0] = what's meaning?Why canbe assigned two?

Craig Staley

Would there have been holes if you put it in a pressure bucket? Just wondering because of all the pieces.

Mario Margjini

-Hey, wanna play chess.-Sure, but we don’t have a chess so we can play.-Wait 4 min until I create it.... :/