My brain literally shut down when anything Math was mentioned.Congrats on 6 million subs.Muy bonito trabajo.You are awesome!Tyronexl1998 Trosin.

Threat is Rxf6, pawn takes, queen takes - if queen block then either rook is hanging.6:39 illegal move.OR "THEIR" original investment?First chess video I've seen a courtesy draw in a pro match.Can you imagine Biden trying to debate Trump?Its really frustrating to defend these sorts of positions.

If we are already so advance.Rex really should make shirts that say "Feel the bur!February 14, 2020 at 6:42 PM.The outtakes at the end are a real education in how difficult it is to speak clearly and accurately into a microphone.What am I missing?Your videos are too cool.Can this video help me to learn some js stuff?

He s new in the busines, because he still have all his fingers.Really hope you make more like this one and good luck in your Chess journey!Upgrade Katana: One Air Blower, 1 Becycle, 10kg Carcoal, 0,25l Ethanol.Ah but he's an Evil Logician so logically he is lying.He wasmade for the death penalty!Not often I'm sweating it out watching one of your videos.My rating is only 1550, and I got a lot out of this video.  I didn't know how to get a glass finish on projects but now i do.Like if you agree.

You'll rarely if ever see Festool tool's being used in actual production woodshops.Bees knees like In terraria.The chess game was pretty cool too:3.3:08 what the heck.Very powerful song.I always need to go back read some articles to fully remember theses subjects.Why not play room c8 in the capsablance game.Usefull video for beginners like me.4:40 when he plays the horse to d2 i cant take his Pun because its safe or?

We Retroduetru

He is the best in chess, in humor. In everything!

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Gevorg Nazaryan

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how did u learn javascript

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While very interesting this video's title is absolutely misleading. You use several pricey tools that by far not everyone has. :(


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6am Jerry. 6am. But thank you still.