Great Impractical Ideas in Computer Science: PowerPoint Programming

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05:39 very big a error because got the ah mat.Very nice cutting boards.After this game, white actually said that "I just moved my king and checkmate".We were told we could "bring games.I really like it.How come they never show the chess board for that 9.

I want to oblivate all the harry potter

I want to oblivate all the harry potter

Helpful without being slavish to it.I regretted watching this the moment I clicked on the video.Anywhoo, keep on keeping on man, you take pride in all of your work, and I can make sense out of everything you do, and then there's a lot of times where I learn something from you, so anyone with negative comments can go elsewhere and do their own thing.But after looking at dictionaries definition im wondering if i am still correct on my assumption?You take chess videos to a higher level.Of he's a ghost there's no information available on YouTube.Last lo oka corner correct ga neku vachindi kani naku raledu bro.But until we get into space then we might encounter space time travel it's hard to see how you can build a machine on earth to create time travel to happen they might do that if they can on that would be great.The game is a slick 2d tennis-parrying combat action game with a narrative that plays out as you progressed through the game.

Just like when I played Super Mario 2 and it was only a dream.He looks a tad bored.Beautiful asymmetrical game.90% of the time you start you sentence with the word 'again', you'd never told us the content of the sentence before.I watch these videos every night and I’m still trash at chess.OH BANANAS IVE GOT THE PROOF XDDDDDDD.0:45 PLA2:00 ABS03:16 PETG04:38 Nylon06:25 Carbon Fibre Nylon06:58 TPUTPE09:50 PolyCarbonate11:08 PVB12:30 PVA ("Glue Sticks")13:38 BVOH15:20 PEEK16:40 ULTEM (PEI).Im always watch ur videos.

Guys which do you recommend: Slav or Queens Gambit Declined?February 2nd 2020.ELEGANT ELEGANT PRECISION.And since the mouse must go from door 4 to either door 3 or door 5, E(4) E(3or5) 1 9 days.The app 3-0'd me.

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Why not play b4? I do that sometimes in similar positions (I mean I'm 1200 which explains why I play bad moves) to gain space with tempo. Are developing moves better than b4?

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Very nice project. I really dont like the looks of plywood behind that beautifull front wood. I woold love to see it veneered

Jeremy Lindsey

Jesus, I'm sure she would kill me in chess.But she's killing my ears worse.Everything about how she talks.Nasally with a weird cadence only to drag out the last syllable like a valley girl minus the enthusiasm.Just honest criticism.

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I gotta have one of these sets! Feel my elo hitting 2300 already.

War of The Inanimates

2552 anyone


Who are you?


Hey there, thank you, learning a lot. Would like to learn more about measuring without DRO and tool grinding.

EG Mines


Optimus Prime

crap stop your non sense analysis. i lost game continuity

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hermoso trabajo

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It wasnt just Louisiana (well most of louisiana).It also included present day arkansas, oklahoma, missouri, iowa, kansas, nebraska, 1/2 of colorado, all of south dakota, most of north dakota,half of minnesota, most of montana and a slice of northern texas!!!Jefferson literally bought 1/3 of the present US territory.At the time, the territory even included some lands that today are part of Canada--south alberta and saskatchewan is one of, if not the most lucrative land purchases in history. (im too lazy to research further lol)

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very vast we need to learn quite please

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wtf onley 1 coment o now its 2

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That was a long ass advertisement


PRC couldn't stop the economic downfall but they don't want to take any responsibility for it, so they let this virus out of their P4 virus laboratory in Wuhan, deliberately let the virus do even more damage to the economy and kill more people so CCP can blame everything on the virus.

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The porn movie industry put the final nails in the Betamax coffin.

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This gives me another reason to hate my mom's boyfriend: he looks just like James.Still, ya can't help but feel sorry for him for his childhood: his teacher was SEXIST.

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You we're like "weird move, don't know, what is the purpose" and after that you said "so carlsen very nice, very instructive" . Every sentence has some "maybe's"...itlooks like you don't know what is going on in the game

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Nicely done! However, I am wondering who would shell out a grand for a chess set? Seems way over the top to me.

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What is the apk, bortland c or dev c


It took 3 months, just to shave 45 seconds off. Incredible!


this is fantastic.


Amazing artwork! What kind of brush are you using?