Gravity Soccer (Full Game)

Enjoyed this video a lot keep em coming :).You go too fast for me.We got lasers, we are BADASS.How many hours does it take to make one of these?Through it's ability to identify high level abstract concepts from low level patterns using a deep neural network architecture, AlphaZero is able to understand strategies and opening lines that we were only able to develop over the course of the 400 years of chess theory history and through the life-long dedication of tens of thousands of grandmasters.That doesn't exist in my brain xD makes for some weird trains of thought tho.I didn’t realize you live in Dallas my mom works for DPD VICE.These chess sets are not very standard for playing tournament chess with.

I never heard of this!Yoh man Moe is definitely crazy now he is losing to zozo.F we want to use it all year are we pay by months or pay 1 time for all year ?How did he see his hand for the handshake at 16:55 the blindfold was still on.My god these tables are TACKY!We will get this in my country soon!I want to see more checkmate videos and opening strategy videos.Pha cui thc s mn i nhn a :))).

You did a really poor job of explaining how the South was being f.I took a knight and a bishop but I think I was actually playing a pro because he made no mistakes at all even though I thought he would struggle to make things work.White could have taken the bishop it comes with check.Really enjoying the recent videos.They were also prone to eat tapes or the tape would wind down hard and making it drag when playing back.OK, he blundered his queen afterwards, but you could have checked with your bishop, opening a discovered attack from the rook to force winning his queen.

Maybe because that's the layout

Maybe because that's the layout

Merry Christmas.Tokeep the attention of adolescents, but I think your audience here consists mostly of very interested adults looking for information and really don't need the comedy routine.I thought you were going to place copper between the squares of the board.So when is sin, cos, and tan getting an upgrade.Magnus got trolled with h3.Pity you haven't listed paint names used.IPLAYgb Maybe it is a matter of preference.Pask Makes put out a video on them and they look pretty awesome.I dont feel bad for the girl gamers they get that simp donation money anyway.

I'm not a woodworker but I keep watching

I'm not a woodworker but I keep watching

"Terra" meaning Earth stayed on Earth, wheras "Stella" relating to stars went to space.20% of actual game 80% of possible moves.Whats the name of the machine that you used at 6:26?That is one violent chess player.What's inside a supreme pin ball machine.This recipe is amazing.Yay I'm just watching commercials.Having viewed Some banters from MC i really appreciate his english.Love your videos!

:4000Referral : 40bonus pair match :

:4000Referral : 40bonus pair match :

Chuck Norris can checkmate Magnus Carlsen in only 1 move.Great video and nice simple desk, (simple for you anyway).You have a good eye for natural beauty!Title of the video makes me think Naka played me somehow even though I play on Lichess.Lol I screen shorted the devils pp 9:30.You are not thinking the safety of your friend.Bill nye the woodworking guy.

Soma was a fermented juice drink which was believed to have been consumed by the Hindu gods and their ancient priests, the brahmanas, during rituals.I'd be a little disappointed if I were Agadmator.Miles' nose makes him muy bangable to me.I will also probably CNC 1-8 and A-H on the side pieces v 2 inch squares.This guy is such a turd.Bobby Fischer is the greatest chess player of all time.Qa1 Kh7 d7 Qe7 Qd4 Qe2 Qe3.No fancy tools (except for the lathe )) - that's how you know a real craftsman!

Carlos Morales

Hubble can not see pluto but it can see galaxies a trillion light years away...OK

mega king

Animations its cool very cool


You are so far Down, You have to look Up to look Down...

bearded rider

Not "cheating mode""smart mode"

Dakota u

Soo Russians are Viking?

SIr Anti Wolf

XD that old man tho he thought he was ui 11:02


Wow, an amazing build with scrap wood.Awesome idea and very functional.

Akshat Sharma

happy new year Mato!May god bless u...loved the game...

Martin Muoz

That's really entertaining video


I set up the position Topalov resigned in against shredder and played I think 5 times against it having Karpov's position and lost every time.It's quite disheartening

Alexander Tardif

"Alex has a thing for sheep..."hehe :)


damn you made 2150 look like 300

Loyiso Mdingwa

I am scared of him already

Chung Keat Yap

whats the name of the book of this game?

N. S.

Shoulda opened with h4. He might have resigned then.


wow, no words...


Awsome work...would have been better if less music

Jay Cee Productions

2:13 why didnt he take bishop someone explain i am slow of mind

Rican Snake

I would say Luigi Legnani is kind of like the equivalent to Paganini in the Classical Guitar. He even wrote a set of Caprices in the style of those written by Paganini.

Jonathan Raquepo

My god so many serial killer in your country and you have slow.justice,thats why killers increases thier victims ,,im happy to livr here in the philipines,,